Discussion Post: Bookish Envy

**I ran another poll on Twitter today, the popular post idea was Bookish Envy. If you have any discussion post ideas or blog post ideas you’d like to see me talk about, comment below, hopefully with your reply to this question. Please  keep in mind that these are my thoughts and do not necessarily extend to everyone. If you comment, please be kind and respectful. 

So I was thinking some of the causes bookish envy today.

I found a list of Discussion Post ideas today and wrote down anyone that provoked thought, this was one of them and the one, of course, you all voted on, if you follow me on Twitter.

So here’s what I’m thinking: there are quite a few things that could cause Bookish Envy. Below are some ideas I came up with or ways I’ve seen or experienced it:

  • Popularity
    • If someone else you know gets more attention from more people than you do (in the book world, since that is the world in which I am addressing) it can be a little offsetting. Why don’t they love me as much as they love you? What have I done wrong?!
  • Follower Count
    • You and your buddy or fellow book person both have a Bookstagram/Blog/Booktube, what have you, but one has more followers than you. Why? Maybe you’ve been going at it for just as long, you’ve got great quality, what’s up with that? The content is SPOT on. What is this madness?
  • Stats
    • Again, you’ve been Bookstagramming/Blogging/Booktubing for just as long, maybe even long, but you friend gets more views, more likes, more comments, more followers and you’re sitting over there like “What am I chopped liver?” Love me too!
  • Popular Blogger/Booktuber/Bookstagrammer Attention
    • I’m not even going to bother trying to hide the fact that I’m a dork and there are some people from all of these categories that, if I met, I’d most likely freak out. When they acknowledge me I squeal. If I met/spoke to Cait from Paper Fury or any of the Cuddlebuggery girls, I’d probably die. I died a little bit when I met Nori, luckily no one seemed to notice. So I personally LOVE when my faves acknowledge and sometimes it hurts when they, ya know, don’t.
  • Author Attention
    • We’re all book nerds and I’m willing to bet most of us have that author we’d DIE to not only meet, but maybe be on semi-regular talking/tweeting terms. (If you haven’t noticed I love A LOT of authors and I sometimes wish they all loved me back just as much, or maybe a little more than they do *shame, shame*). Now authors, of course, are busy people and don’t always have time to interact, but it still is a little stab in the heart when you see how close some people are with them and go “Damn I wish I had that”.
  • ARC Envy
    • When you see someone with that ARC you are DYING for and think “Why didn’t I get it, I’ve deserve it more” or whatever you think and/or feel when you see some with the precious

      I tried to find a Gollum gif and failed.

So here’s the think about Envy. It’s stupid. I mean sometimes we can’t help it, you look at what someone else has, whether it’s numbers, a relationship, a physical thing and you’re just

But acting on it, is stupid (in my opinion). Why get upset over something you can’t have? Why put yourself through all that stress and annoyance.

So what if you’ll never have that awesome relationship with your idol, you have equally amazing friends right now (if not better).

So what if you’ll never have the follower count or the stats that your friends have. At least, someone looks at your blog, that’s a shit ton better than nothing! (Things I have to remind myself on days I only have one viewer).

So what if you’ll never get that ARC you wanted. That book will be out soon anyways. You want it as a sign of your undying love to the author? How about you email or tweet them saying that instead. Go to an event, tell them in person (I have attempted this many times, but always freeze up so be prepared).

I think it might have been Aila from One Way or An Author who once told me that it was pointless to get jealous over something, that it was easier to be happy for the person the goodness was happening to. (Not her direct words, but hopefully they are hers, oops).

Either way, I agree. It is easier to just smile and be happy for them. Honestly, what do you think your envy and wrath is going to do but make them feel awful for something great that has happened to them.

That’s my VERY LONG opinion anyways.

I quickly took another poll and here are the stats from that:

Out of 105 people

Stats: 11%

Popularity: 24%

Follower Count: 8%

ARCs: 57%

Out of 57 People:

Author Attention: 53%

Blogger/Bookstagrammer/Booktuber Attention: 47%


So: have you ever felt extreme bookish envy? What caused it? 

That’s all for today!

Peace and love, my friends,


9 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Bookish Envy

  1. Authors get jealous too. If I could tell you how many times I gnash my teeth because everyone’s squeeing over someone else’s book and not mine…


    Instead of wasting energy being jealous, I force myself to look at what they’re doing. Sometimes people do better because of pure dumb luck. But often enough, they’re doing something that you can learn from. So instead of being jealous, I pay attention, I learn, and I do better.

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  2. Excellent post Kit – I think that a lot of the bookish envy comes from the competitive landscape we create, even when it’s not really there. The amazing part about reading is that it’s so open and accessible to so many people. Getting caught up in stats and envy just takes away from the amazingness of being able to share the awesome experience of reading with fellow book lovers.


  3. I’m jealous of the ones that always seem to know want to say or at least can verbalize their thoughts that make sense! I also envy all of you that can just put yourself out there, the confidence to just say whatever, post dorky pics, etc!
    (Great post by the way! )


  4. AGAIN, SO HONORED TO HAVE MY WORDS ON YOUR BLOG. ❤ That outlook is exactly what I've been doing, and it's actually quite great for my constitution. That stress over crying about other people's stats or blogs is gone, which gets rid of only half the pimples from my face (the other half, obviously, is school work hehe). At this point I'm like: IT'S MY BLOG AND I DO WHAT I WANT. #YOLO *rolls off-stage*


  5. We ALL get envious at some point because we all work hard and love what we do.

    Over everything about the bookish world, my favorite thing is chatting to people about books and making friends. I’ve really made some amazing friends and that helps in those times of envy. I remember my love for everyone in this community. Including you! You are the sweetest!


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