“Meh” Books Discussion

You know when you’re reading… And you don’t hate the book, but you don’t love it. You just kind of think it’s nice but at the same time, you’re like “this could totally be better”.

Those books suck. And it isn’t even that they’re bad. It’s just that they aren’t good. No matter how badly you want it to be the best book in the world, you just cannot with that book.

It hurts. It truly does.

I feel like some of the most “Meh” books are the ones that are most hyped up. So then, if you’re like me and big into hype you’re all:

And then you get to reading the book and it turns out to be “Meh” so you:

And oh my no it is really annoying. Because it’s either, you’ve been disappointed OR you wasted your time reading a book that really did nothing for you. Not even a little bit.

Now, for me, “Meh Books” are just ones where I read and could give or take. I’m not really going to recommend them unless someone gives me a specific quality that I KNOW is in that book. Otherwise, nah. If it didn’t do it for me, I don’t really think it’ll do it for any of my buddies.

Personally, like books I think look bad, I also try to stay away from “Meh” Books. If I read the synopsis and am bored or it just doesn’t sound like something I’d be interested in, I leave it be.

Maybe I’ll pick it up if hype grows around it or a REALLY good and trustworthy friend who REALLY knows what I love to read recommends it to me.

But, like when I check out a book and think “Wow this looks bad”, I also look at a book and think “wow this looks ‘Meh’ or boring even.” Then I put it down and walk away.

That being said, I don’t really think I’ve read many ‘Meh” books, but to name some I, personally, feel are “Meh” (and hope I don’t offend anyone):

Grisha- don’t get me wrong, it was cool and well written. I did enjoy it, but I doubt I’ll reread it. It was okay.  Just didn’t do it for me. I’ll still read Six of Crows, though, I’ve heard some people say it was better.

The Burning Sky- Again, it was cool and neat and all that jazz, and I have only read the first book, so maybe it picks up in the long run, but the first one was SO SLOW and “Meh” for me, just… Hoping the next one gets better because I dislike leaving series unfinished.

Basically any contemp- I don’t read a lot of contemp. It usually ends up being me going “This really looks boring” and I put it down. Of the contemps I have read, most are good, it’s just most look boring to me.

That’s really all for me. Do to talking about “Meh” books I guess this post was kind of “Meh” itself.

So QUESTION, because this a discussion and I want your alls opinions!

What do you consider a “Meh” book? What are some “Meh” books you’ve read and why were they “Meh”?

Please reply, I’m so curious!




6 thoughts on ““Meh” Books Discussion

  1. I’m the same with contemporary, it has to really stand out for me to read it. Mystery/thriller and a lot of adult fiction is the same. Rush by Eve Silver, I’m still trying to convince myself to finish it. I love her adult books and I did buy the sequel to Rush, so I feel obligated to finish it.


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