Bookish Turn-offs


Personally, I feel like I am the type of person to read through anything. Nothing really throws me off or makes me want to put a book. Mostly, I find myself being able to go with the flow with anything.

However, I managed to think up a few potential Bookish Turn Offs that might turn people away and currently the polls run.

The only one I find has really gotten to me is when I had a bad experience with an author which may have happened once and might just be bad in my memory, because, you know, memories aren’t alway very reliable and very easily manipulated.

So here is some of what I have gathered as potential Bookish Turn Offs:

  • Instalove
    • They know each other for .05 seconds and BAM they would throw themselves in front of a bullet for one another. The closest thing I have ever seen to this in real life are those month- two month long relationships… Those end in flames nearly all the time. I’ve seen it end alright ONCE.
  • Love Triangles
    • I’m not going to lie those NEVER bother me, but I can see why it would be annoying. Oh, the woes of two people loving you at once. Oh how shitty it must be to be lead on by someone you like. Yes or no to one or both, just please make up your mind and move the plot along.
  • Annoying Characters
    • You know those characters that just give a migraine. Everything they do is wrong and stupid and you think “Damn, I’D make a better protagonist than this POS. You just need them to get their shit together,
  • Bad or Lack of Plot
    • I’ve never really seen this, though I’m sure I’ve lived it without noticing… Those books where it isn’t going anywhere, there is no reason for it and maybe the characters are cute and all but NO DESTINATION POINT and can be VERY frustrating. I know I’m writing a whole bunch of plotless stories right now.
  • No Character Growth
    • Those books you read and the character is the same annoying nugget they started out as. No blooming for them. They’re just as stubborn and stupid as always. This is, to me, what would be the most frustrating. Reading and going “HOW ARE YOU NOT GROWING IF IT DIDN’T WORK BEFORE IT WON’T WORK NOW!”
  • Poorly Written Books in General
    • You don’t get the plot or you don’t see it, the characters suck, the story is boring, and you’ve considered seeing how flammable that book is because it is just such a waste of time and bookshelf space. That may sound mean, but I know some readers have very strong negative bookish opinions. I only ever feel this towards school books.
  • Too Much Hype
    • This is something else I don’t really feel… I’ve never read a book with too much hype and hated it. I know people stay away from books for that reason, I’ve stayed away from Illuminae for that reason (which many have been less than graceful about, hyping it to me when THAT’S THE PROBLEM) and this happened a lot with Truthwitch because of all the hype and Street Team. Seriously, while the more people it reaches the better for the author, sometimes hype sucks and makes you want to throw the book away rather than read it.
  • Bad Author Experience
    • This is SO rare because most authors are graceful and kind souls, if not they are probably equally as awkward as you and maybe deserve the benefit of a doubt. However, there are those stories of them being unnecessarily rude. This commonly seems to happen with Cassandra Clare, or I hear the most negative stories about her. An author being an asshole can really kill the apply of their books. You hate them, you might not want to help them make a living.
  • Slow pacing
    • This is a really a personal thing, I think. Maybe you’re in a reading slump and just can’t get into it, or your friend convinced you to read this genre you NEVER read and you just remembered why you hate it because it is SO DAMN BORING. Or maybe it’s just one of those books you’ve read a million different versions of.
    • They’re those books where you find yourself dosing off or gazing into the distance. You’re so bored with it, you try to avoid reading it and when you do read it you ending up picking at your nails or staring at the wall. For me, that was Glass Sword. Totally lied to myself (and others, sorry) about how good it was. About as interesting as math class, I must say.

Now, like with some previous discussion posts, I ran a poll to see where some people stand so here are the statistic:

Out of 96 People

28% for Insta Love

14% for Love Triangle

24% for Annoying Characters

34% for Bad or Lack of Plot

Out of 66 People

15% for No Character Growth

67% for Poorly Written in General

9% for Too Much Hype

9% Bad Author Experience

And 70% of people out of 74 votes said that Slow Pacing was a turn-off.


So What are some of your bookish turn offs? Have you ever experienced one of the ones above? 


That’s all for tonight! Have a lovely night or day!

-Kit Cat


10 thoughts on “Bookish Turn-offs

  1. Ahhhhahaha these are all spot on! Bad author experiences are the worst I think. That happened to me once where I liked a book an author wrote, and he said some pretty not-chill things on Twitter. And I go “boo” 😦 because I’m not in the mood to support their books anymore.
    Romance can also make or break it. THEY’RE IMPORTANT OK but ya gotta have a good balance of them. You put in a love triangle, trapezoid, or dodectagon and I’M OUT.

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  2. All of this are DEFINITELY bookish turn off’s, however the one that puts me off the most is instalove and love triangles, they’re the most annoying ones and seem to plague YA books now a day.
    When a book is really hyped I know it’s probably not that great and it puts me off.
    Great post! Hopw you have a lovely day

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Annoying characters and characters I can’t relate to in any way or who simply don’t have any empathy for others make my reading experience the WORST! But I agree on everything you said, except for love triangles, but they don’t bother you either hahaha. If they are written the right way, it can be so much fun!

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