Discussion Post: Blogging Hiatus

For those of you who do not know what a Hiatus is, this is the Google definition:

a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process

I just say it’s a break. It’s also pronounced funny, by the way, I always say it incorrectly.

The way I see it, taking a break is healthy. Not just from blogging but from other things too (other than eating, drinking, and sleeping…)

I’ve gathered together a clump of three reasons one may take a blogging hiatus:

  1. Allows them to recoup
    1. Blogging is fun but sometimes stressful or time-consuming or you just lose sight of why you even started doing it in the first place and you’re just:

      Giving yourself some space between you and the blog to recoup and figure out why you started, find your voice, make a plan so that you’re less stressed and the like.
    2. There’s a nice little blog post kind of about this on A Perfection Called Books (click on the blog name to see it!)
  2. Allows People to Pull themselves together.
    1. I don’t know about you guys, but I am DRAMATIC and whiny and prone to losing it and going into meltdown mode. And I am AWFUL at hiding it. It is then that going into Hiatus mode is, at least for me, a good idea. Then it’s less likely to appear in my blog posts (which, let’s be real, would just make them a lot less pleasant) and wait until whatever is gnawing at me goes away.
  3. Deal with Other Life
    1. You know the none bookish life? School and work and family? Yeah, sometimes that shit becomes too much and you just can’t. You can’t focus, you can’t think about books about your blog because too much of your outside life is coming in.
    2. I know, personally, I have A LOT of work to do, I chose to take many Advance Placement courses and advanced classes. And while blogging is a recreational thing for me, so I often chose it over doing my work, sometimes the wok just HAS to come first.
  4. Or, as Kaitlin from Reading Is My Treasure suggested: just because you don’t feel like blogging.

Personally, for me, Number 3 is the most relevant. I don’t see myself staying off my blog too much, but I need to stay off it more.
Last semester my grades SUFFERED because of how little I put into my schoolwork, which I cannot afford to do.

It is important to remember that blogging isn’t necessarily the most important thing in the world. For most, their blogs are not their lives.

So when or if other things come up and you feel like you cannot deal with your blog right then, do not feel bad about stepping back. It is your blog and you answer to know one.

Although if you’re lucky like me your blog has virtually no followers and no traffic, so I don’t have to be worried about people being disappointed in my lack of posting.


Out of 53 people:

30% for Need to Recoup

21% for Meltdown

49% for Non-Book/Other Life Problem

What do you think about blogging hiatuses? Have you ever taken one? What for (if you’re comfortable saying).

Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat


3 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Blogging Hiatus

  1. Yes to all of these! I never take a planned break, but I post very sporadically. So sometimes there are 2 weeks between posts. While this is something I want to work on doing less in the coming year, your blog is your blog. Unless your followers are pro knofe throwers who will hunt you down when you leave them, any pressure to post ALL THE TIME is from yourself.
    And like you said, blogging is not our entire lives, much as we wish that could be so. There are other responsibilities to be fulfilled, and sometimes they have to take precedence over blogging. Thanks for sharing this Kat!

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