February Excitement

Hello, and welcome to my second blog post of the day! YAY!

Earlier I told you all about my bookish story, kind of how I got to where I am now.

Although, I found I left out, that most of my childhood was me reading The Magic Tree House and the Warriors Cat series.
In the earliest version of my story, which is very gray now, the characters had names like the Warrior cats. I haven’t really changed it, though, because changing character names makes me forgetful.

On my calendar, my old one, February had THE MOST book release dates and out of all the other months this year, it still does!

This is my current February Calendar:

So what you have are tour dates, Victoria Aveyard, Sophie Jordan, Susan Dennard, Veronica Rossi, and Victoria Schwab.
Then you have some school/academics, like ACT and AP money due which I REALLY need to get in.
Then releases, like Glass Sword, Blackhearts, The Abyss Surrounds Us, Symptoms of Being Human, The Girl From Everywhere, Riders, The Raven King, A Gathering of Shadows, and it used to have more, but when I got this calendar I downsized how many book releases I put on it BY A LOT.

February was already exciting for me because of book release dates, even though I don’t have enough money for me to get the actual books right now.

However, it is also AMAZING in terms of tours!

I was SO heart broken when I found out I wouldn’t get to see Susan Dennard on her Pass-Truth tour with Alexandra Bracken, it killed me a little inside.

Then she announced she was going on tour with Veronica Rossi and while I was ecstatic, still the closest she was coming was to North Carolina, which would be a BITCH of a drive.

Finally, the gods smiled on me and she announced she would, in fact, be in Maryland with Veronica Rossi and I nearly cried.

Not only is Maryland a shorter drive, but that would also open up for me to see yet ANOTHER amazing author that was going to be in Arlington the same date as Sooz is in North Carolina, Victoria Shwab.

So, this month I have seen Victoria Aveyard (again) and Sophie Jordan, who, I may add, was the cutest person in the world. My mom read one of her original trilogies and loved it, so it was pretty fun for my mom too.
There I got to see The Abyss Surrounds Us, Blackhearts, and Riders (even though it wasn’t out yet), which was amazing because they’re beautiful even if I can’t buy them.

I don’t feel like digging up the picture that actually has Sophie and Victoria in it, but it’s in my last post if you’re REALLY dying to see it.

This week, Thursday, the 18th, I get to see Susan Dennard and Veronica Rossi (again).
I met Veronica at my very first YALLFest and in my memory she is the cutest, most graceful human to bless this earth.
However, I’m mostly going for Susan and my mom is a fan of Under The Never Sky and so is my ARC supplier and friend, whose books I’ll be taking with me to get signed by Rossi.

But guys I cannot tell you HOW NERVOUS I am to meet Susan Dennard. Even thinking about it my heart is racing and I wanted to get her a present but I don’t know what, what is worthy of someone so magnificent?
I have been looking forward to this, well not as long as some others, but since I heard about Sooz and all her glory and then read the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy, you guys have NO idea how intensely excited and nervous I am to meet her.
I really hope I don’t start crying. And also hope that there’s no signing limit because I have six books for her to sign:

And I want more too. Like, I wish I had the final copy of Strange and Ever After and ALL of the hardbacks of the Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy, plus I also want ARCs of the first two and am low-key hunting for a UK ARC of Truthwitch….
I REALLY like this author and feel like this may be more doable than Sarah J. Maas or Jodi Meadows or any of my other favorite authors.

I also have my little Rossi section, all of which are signed, minus the last one and I have the ones to be signed for Red and I want my mom to get Into The Still Blue signed for herself because she NEVER gets anything signed for herself which is SO unfair because she drives me to all of these events.

Finally, I have the Victoria Schwab event on the 25th of this month (YAY), and if you are going PLEASE let me know, preferably on Twitter, I just NEED to know who is going to the event, so I can say “HI” and not look like an idiot if you know me and I don’t know you.

I’m hoping they’ll have copies of Vicious for me to snag because A LOT of people like that book and also, of couse, want a copy of A Gathering of Shadows.
So far my Schwab pile is VERY tiny:

I also want to get her other two books, which I do not remember the names of, but I want mom to get them signed for herself because she is mother and I think she liked those books.
I’m also *CONSIDERING* (as in do not hold me to this) handing off This Savage Song to someone, because I thought “Room full of Schwab fans, someone is BOUND to want it”, but that was only if I read it first and there is a BIG change I’m not going to have it read by the event.

I actually do not see myself getting much reading done this month because I have A LOT of work I need to be doing, it is the second semester and I have WAY fallen behind and seriously need to pick myself up and start at, like, a slow jog, hopefully steadying the pace, schoolwise.

Hopefully, by the summer, I’ll have a job and time so that I may buy books and earn money.

I’m also hoping that my ARC supplier gets a new box soon 1. So my shelves may look full until I have the money to actually PURCHASE books, 2. so I, Red, and mother can do giveaways, and 3. because BOOKS SON BOOKS.

AND REMEMBER: The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig (AKA BESTEST PERSON EVER) is out today and it is about time traveling pirates, a girl trying to find out if/where she belongs and has a SERIOUSLY diverse cast, do yourself a favor and buy a copy.




Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat


5 thoughts on “February Excitement

  1. So lucky that these authors are coming near to where you live and you can go and meet them. I would love to meet Susan Dennard too. I haven’t read her steampunk trilogy, though I had it gifted to me last Christmas (but they missed the first book soooo I can’t start, lol). She’s probably one of the nicest authors EVER.
    I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I never read a book by Schwab before *hides* I know right? What’s wrong with me? XD But yeah, everyone seems to love Vicious and I read a sampler for This Savage Song which seems really good 😀
    I hope you have a fun trip! 🙂


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