Bestest Thursday Ever

You all may have heard that last night I met my favorite author like ever. She’s definitely in the top five, even though I’m having trouble deciding who goes there. Probably Jodi, Susan, Sara, Sarah, and…… Shit.

Anyways, I met Susan last night.

Last year I had this group of authors, I called them the “Holy Trinity” (whoops) and they were three authors I wanted more than ANYTHING to meet and they were Jodi Meadows, Sara Raasch, and Susan Dennard and you guys I have officially met ALL OF THEM.

Oh, you guys don’t know how amazing 2016 is already shaping up for me like OH. MY. GOD. I am DYING.

I have already seen five authors and will see my sixth next week.

I literally met my favorite last night.

And, oh friends, let me tell you how nervous I was. I literally had had nightmares about this meeting the night before. Actually nightmares about what could go wrong with the signing and the talk.

So, I was already nervous, because with the Victoria Aveyard we got there at about two (and the signing wasn’t even until 7) and so we were set. With Susan and Veronica, we had to WAAIIITT till mom got out of work and poor Elie, she needed to get her team report done and I was losing it right next to her and I kept pulling out chocolate which probably didn’t help.

The entire metro ride there I was nervous. Once we got there, I was nervous AND out of breath because my mom’s walking speed is actually a jogging speed. She moves FAST and no other pace, that woman flies.

So, once we got to the library I was out of breath, originally going to meet Dee for some Paneras, but wanted to 1. mark my territory and 2. COULDN’T BREATH.

Thanks, mom (both seriously and sarcastically).

And finally, the talk came and WOW. Guys. I loved it. I loved listening to Susan and Veronica and Kami talk, it was HILARIOUS.
Now, sometime during the end of the talk, I told my mom I wanted to be in the back of the line instead of the front. It had to do with me wanting to leave a lasting impression, however, it really just ended up being me becoming antsier, mom becoming more tired, and, just in general, a “Why did this actually happen” sense.

Finally, finally, finally, I met Sooz. It took forever to get up there, which was mostly my fault, but also because Susan, being the most wonderful human ever, was taking the time to talk to each individual person.
Like, how awesome is that? I love that when authors are just willing to talk and talk to their fans.
Totally, TOTALLY worth the wait, that was entirely my fault in the first place.

And I have been smiling ever since. I couldn’t sleep after that and it didn’t matter, it’s as if I have completely my life’s goal and can go through the world this very happy person, because I met this other person who is too good and amazing and I simply, liked, you actually have to meet her to understand just HOW amazing she is.

Now, of course, for pictures:


**This is my favorite picture, I will give you three guesses as to why.)

We are just going to COMPLETELY ignore how red and awkward my face looks. You should see the other picture, it is ten times worse and I filtered this one so that I looked LESS red.

In this one and the one below you can see my stack of books. I literally brought every book of hers I own. It was six, because of the Something Strange and Deadly trilogy and I have three additions of Truthwitch (color me obsessed…)

And then all of them signed because WHY NOT:

Not that this is relevant, but I have doggy PJ pants on and I am VERY proud of myself.

SO, that is all FOR NOW, in terms of author events. Next week I go see Victoria Schwab (and am capturing Elie to do so) and then will be done for the month of February.

In the meantime, I’m just going to sit here and marvel at the fact that I have met Susan Dennard.

The Susan Dennard.

The New York Times Best Selling author of Truthwitch Susan Dennard.

Now I just need to see Sara again (set, NoVaTeen), Jodi again (not yet set, but totally happening), Sarah again (hoping for A Court of Mist and Fury), and basically ALL of the 2016ers (but also Heidi and Tara and Roshani and Sarah), I’ll be set for 2016.

So excited. So happy. I physically cannot. I’m dying.

But it is a happy death.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Bestest Thursday Ever

  1. I’m so glad you got to meet Sooz!
    She is the best!
    I’ve been fortunate to work with her at a con the past 2 years and she is truly amazing!


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