An Author Is 50% of the Book

An Author is Half the Story


Wow. What an adventure. What a truly amazing adventure that is, am I right.

Now, not all books are some fun adventure. Not all adventures are for everyone. Just because I want to toss myself into the middle of Africa doesn’t mean everyone else wants to go there.

Anyways, yesterday I was at a Victoria Schwab event, which was 1000% better than I thought it would be.
You see, I’ve only read A Darker Shade of Magic and while I enjoyed the entire book, for me the pacing was slow which made it a little harder to read. I ended up giving it three stars.

Mostly, I went to the event because I love book events and how they feel (which is AMAZING). If I solely had gone to them this month based off authors I love, I only would have gone to Susan’s.

However, when I was there, listening to Victoria talked about her stories and her process, about how much she loved writing and creating and her books, not only did I grow to respect her, but I grew to love her story more.

And that is when I fully realized: an author is most of the story.

At least for me.

**WARNING: this next part might sound strange to book bloggers.

When I heard Victoria talk about all the love she had for writing and for her stories, especially Darker Shade (of course, the tour was for A Gathering of Shadows) it made the book suddenly seem better for me.

A lot of the way I view the book is the way I view the author. Chances are if I don’t like the author, I’m not going to like the book as much. If I do like the author, I’m going to like it a little bit more.

I think the most raw ratings I’ve ever given were Throne of Glass, A Darker Shade of Magic, Shadow and Bone, and The Burning Sky.

All of which I gave threes. Or at least, I think I did?

Because at the time of my reading them I hadn’t really interacted with the authors or with fans nor had I come into contact with any major hype.

Meeting authors, especially fun, hype authors, make me love the books more. It makes me appreciate them more because I see how much this author loves it, how much they love the people who have invested their time and money into it, how kind and graceful the author is and suddenly the book seems better.

The very few times I’ve met authors who seem bored or indifferent their book has either remained the same or maybe even gone down a peg.

So, in my mind, an author makes the book as amazing as it is.

Not to say that if I didn’t interact/know/like the author I’d give it a lower rating.

However, knowing them, seeing them and their lively hood is amazing and just, somehow, makes the book better.

And I’m so sure that I’m the only one who is affected by this.

NEVERTHELESS, I am curious: does the author affect the way you see a book? How and/or why?

Later on, I’ll be doing a review of all the author events, including the Schwab one and, BELIEVE me, I’ll be including how amazing she is.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “An Author Is 50% of the Book

  1. I’ve never met an author (nobody comes to New Zealand), but I know what you mean after seeing them online. It kind of applies to most things – if you can see how much work has been put into something, and how much they love it, some of that enthusiasm is bound to rub off on you 🙂

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  2. I think you’re right on the mark. I’d go so far as to say I feel a personal connection to authors I haven’t met just from reading one of his or her books. I’ve heard it said that every character an author writes is just a facet of his or her personality. I think that’s true, so a book really is a reflection of the author.

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