February Wrap Up!

My first wrap up post WHOO!

Let’s hope I don’t screw it up, yes?


Let’s start with the start of the month. Because it has been chaos since day one, I feel like everything’s been crazy and stressful, I just wanted to pull my hair out.
Unlike January, when I got a lot of reading done, I haven’t finished ANY books. I’ve been on The Star Touched Queen for the entire month. I’m hoping to finish it in March. I keep going back and looking at my annotations to see what I thought and marked and so on.
Other than that school has been kicking my ass and I just need a break.

We get on tomorrow, YAY!

While I did not get to finish a book this month, I was lucky enough to go to THREE author events and see SIX authors!!

You all know I got to see Victoria Aveyard and Sophie Jordan. There’s was an interesting kick off to the month. Not my favorite of the month, but honestly if it’s a book event I’m there, I freaking love them.

Then was the Susan Dennard, Veronica Rossi, and Kami Garcia one. I think, if you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, you probably know how  much I love Sooz and just HOW important that signing was for me. I still smile every time I think about meeting Susan and talking to her, wow I’m a dork, but that’s okay because I MET SUSAN DENNARD. I can take on anything now!
I’m still hoping this will happen again. That she’ll show up at YALLFest or come near me for the Windwitch tour just

*drives obnoxious lengths just to say ‘Hi’*

Final event was last Thursday, the Victoria Schwab event where I fell in love with that woman while listening to her talking about her love and passion for writing and she was just so funny and quirky it really made me want to write again, not even joking it was so amazing to listen, I hope she comes to VA for This Savage Song or the next Darker Shade book but her talking is inspirational!!!

What a swell human being!

GAHHHH now I just want to write again.


So that’s clearly all for this month since today is the last day.

However this weekend (in March) I’m going to NoVaTeen were I’ll lurk Sara Raasch again, which may be awkward since I have nothing for her to sign. I’m considering printing off pictures of her covers for her to sign, then I can frame them and put them on my wall (they’re my favorite covers EVER)!

And in April, I get to see Jodi Meadows for The Mirror King launch party!!!! YAAASSSS I’m so excited you all don’t even know! My first launch party and with Jodi! No one better to start with!

I’m still hoping to see more 16ers this year and to see Sarah J. Maas and, maybe, Maggie Stiefvater  if she comes to my state. Maybe Laini Taylor will be touring for Strange the Dreamer or Jodi again for My Lady Jane or Tahereh Mafi for Furthermore or *makes long list of authors with books coming out this year who I want to see on tour*.

Basically, this month was phenomenal in terms of meeting authors (especially SOOZ), but in every other regard, it was kinda not good.

So, that is all for February! Hopefully, March will be amazing and eventful enough for me to achieve motivation to do another one of these! Need to make a work schedule or something!

Peace and love!

-Kit Cat


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