Mini Reviews: Nightworld by L. J. Smith

There was a time before I knew reviewing books was a thing.

I have a few books on my bookshelf that I read before I realized that reviewing books where a thing that’s I’d like to review on here.

The first of which shall be L. J. Smith’s Nightworld. 

For these mini reviews, I’d like you all to keep something in mind: I read these books a while ago. I’m not going to remember much about them, so if I’m wrong about something, please don’t murder me. 

Night World, No. 1 (Night World, #1-3)Night World, No. 2 (Night World, #4-6)Night World, No. 3 (Night World, #7-9)
The blue one is MINE.

I first discovered Nightworld when I was a youngling. My friend and I found it back when Borders was still a thing, so probably when in the end of my elementary school years and at the beginning of my middle school years.

The problem with this series is I read it out of order. When my friend and I found it in the bookstore I took the green one and she took the red one.

So, my first impression of this series was a lot of confusion. I started out with Gillian’s story and because I had no introduction to the Nightworld, everything confused me.

However, I was fine by the time I got to Rashel (who’s name I still don’t know how to pronounce) and Quinn’s story.
I was less confused then (I’m still confused by Gillian’s story, to be honest).  But Rashel and Quinn where just so shippable to me and I have gone back and read their story and it is so cheesy, but they went from friends to enemies (if I remember correctly) and I still LOVE THAT SHIT.

Maybe that’s why I find Iseult and Aeduan so shippable.

Then there was Hannah’s story and I remember her stabbing Thierry (I effing LOVE that name) in the hand with a pencil and I think I shipped them after that….

So after I finished Volume 2, still not entirely realizing it was the second set of stories, we traded off and I got the first book (so I finally got context WHOO). By then my friend and I had a territorial thing with these characters.

So, Rashel and Quinn and Hannah and Thierry were mine (not Gillian, I didn’t care about her) and Poppy and James, and ASH (actually just Ash) were her people. Nevertheless I still loved them.

The third volume was weird, I don’t remember it as well, ironically because it was the last one I read.

But essentially Nightworld is just a whole bunch of supernatural creatures and these swoon-worthy (in my opinion and memory) and I love it and to this day I still love them. Literally, just books-worth of shippable character and because every book has a couple you have you pick of characters to love *protectively hugs my two OTPs*.

Sadly, Nightworld is overshadowed by The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle >.>

But that will never kill my love for it!

Four stars!

Peace and love!

-Kit Cat


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