Explaining “Kierane Kaine”

Some of you may know that a while ago, this is what I had as my name. It was even my blog name.

You all probably know by now that isn’t/wasn’t my name, my name is Cat/Catherine (although, for whatever reason a lot of you purposely spell it with a ‘K’? Why?)
And I go by ‘Kit Cat’. (Other nicknames include ‘Kitty’ ‘Kitten’ and anything with ‘Cat’)

So, Kierane Kaine is a few things.

  1. She was my pen name.
    1. When I finally write, I’m not so sure I want to go under my actual name, so sometimes I come up with pen names and play around with them. This one was taken out of the running for a few reasons.
  2. She is an alternate version of Kalakahra
    1. If you know anything about my world (which none of you do…) they’re all connect and most of them have alternate selves. Kal isn’t supposed to because Gods don’t, but Kierane was based off Kal.
  3. She’s a character
    1. Yes, I have TWO character who go by this name. I actually have a lot of characters by both those names with different variations of spelling. I’m not very creative.
    2. This one exists in a fantasy world, she looks Arabian, first female soldier, but hundreds of accidents later, she’s as messed up as they come and that poor woman, I’ve done some damage. She’d still hardcore, though.
  4. It’s a part of my place holder names
    1. I said I was bad with names. Kierane (and variations), as well as Kaine (and variations), are part of a short list of names that I will give to characters until they have their own unique names.
    2. They go along with Rowan, Wren, Kai, Dusk, and a few others that I use when I’m at a lost for names.

So, calling myself Kierane was originally meant to be a pen name, but then I felt weird that I was 1. using my character’s name and 2. calling myself Kit Cat when that had NO relation to the name.


Now you all know what that was all about. Since then you all have learned I’m Cat and I’ve changed my blog name to something… Different, because I still lowkey hate it.

Peace and love!

-Kit Cat


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