Reading Slump

Does anyone else ever feel betrayed by reading slumps?

You keep reading and reading in hopes of one day picking up a book that will pull you out of the dark abyss but nothing is doing it?

You’ve read all the hyped books. You heard so many great things about it. Finally picked another book in this series you started and LOVE but even it cannot save you know. You’re stuck. All alone. In this bookless world.

Is this the end? Was reading just a phase? But you invested so much time in it?! You have books everywhere. You have a Goodreads and blog, you’re Instagram is 80% books, you’re Twitter follows all your favorite authors, you only have subscribed to you favorite booktubers, your Tumblr is full of fanfics and AUs and you just:

I think it is safe to say that book slumps are the most evil, scary, annoying thing that can happen to a reader. There’s just so many unknowns, you know?

And all you need is that one book. One book to pool you out from the water, to keep from drowning and losing all hope. That is all you need.

The biggest task while in a reading slump is to find that book. The one that will save you restore your love.

Now, it’s going to be a hard task.

I know when I’m in a reading slump, all my books seem the same. All I can focus on are the aspects of YA that nearly every YA novel has and suddenly it just doesn’t seem worth it to keep reading.

In times like those, I’ll consider going away from YA to adult or MG. But even those just feel the same. Pendergast always does the same thing, the Warrior books are just alike.

What do I read that makes me feel better?

Well, in my case, I have to try to counteract whatever I think put me into the slump.

In my case these usually work:

  • Taking a week or two off from reading
    • If it takes longer than maybe it has to do more with the book than me.
  • Doing homework
    • Sometimes I can’t focus on a book because I have a lot of school work to do and know it. Then I’m going to feel bad for not doing school work, thus not be able to focus on my reading.
  • Going for a run
    • Sometimes I’ve just got a lot of energy and sitting around isn’t helping. After running I’m exhausted and dying inside. Perfect for needing to read.
  • Being Creative
    • There are times when I cannot read because I just don’t feel creative. In that case, I need to get the creative juices following again. Whether by drawing, pinning pictures, watching a TV show or a movie, listening to music, maybe even writing myself, I just need to feel creative again before I can appreciate someone else art.
  • Start eight new books
    • Sometimes I just need something new to read. In that case, I start a whole bunch of new books and see which one tickles my fancy the most.
  • Switch genres
    • I have a type I like to stick too, but sometimes there’s only so much of my favorites that I can deal with. In my case, I LOVE fantasy, magic, anything that isn’t close to reality. Sometimes I need a contemporary to kick me back into fantasy drive.
  • Reread one of my faves
    • I’ve already said this rarely works. However, there are those VERY rare cases where I just need a little dose of one of those books I love. In that case, I’ll go back to books like Dream Thieves, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Truthwitch, The Girl From Everywhere, The Martian, a book that made me smile.

Those are some of the ways I cope with it.

Now, question time!

I’m wondering what gets you all out of reading slumps? How do you react to being in one?

Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat

7 thoughts on “Reading Slump

  1. Same as what you suggested. I take time off, do some creative stuff, I reread the parts of previously read books that I love. It’s different for me every time, what gets me out of a slump. But granted, I’ve only had reading slumps twice so I can’t say much

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  2. For me, it’s definitely taking time off. My reading slumps always happen after I finish a book and I just don’t have the need to pick up another one. When this happens I bing watch an entire show on Netflix and play some Xbox hahaha. It really does work!

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