Bookish Pet Peeves

We all have those things that when we read just make us angry.

For me those things make me go:

So here are some of my personal bookish pet peeves:

  • Main Males that are “manly”
    • I hate, hate, hate, hate them when they have to be all strong and heroic and the female can’t do anything. When they have those Alpha and superior complex. And in my mind this is most main male characters, they, in general, somehow, manage to piss me off. Get over yourself good sir.
  • InstaLove
    • Listen here, if I don’t buy that in real life, there is no way I’m buying it in books. If they’ve known each other less than a month or two and suddenly they’ll die for each other, I just no…
      Yes, this does happen in real life and USUALLY doesn’t end well. I’m a believing of forming a nice, meaningful bond before anything real happens.
  • Only One Flaw
    • They’re perfect other than a single crooked tooth or maybe they’re a little stubborn.
      I’m sorry. Have you seen people lately? Who is the last person you saw who was near perfection with one tiny flaw. People are full of flaws, it makes them human.
  • Brightly colored eyes
    • When I see a person in real life with blue or green eyes I flip out, because, as creepy as it may sound, I love eyes. They’re really pretty. But when I’m reading and the MC has brightly colored eyes, I want to tear out my hair. Even worse is if it’s their love interest or someone, because then you know they’re going to go WAY more deep than necessary to describe the exact shade.
      I don’t know exact shades and personally, I don’t care. Put it on your Pinterest Board, not in your story, please move along with the plot.
  • “Tan” as a description word.
    • Listen here, “tan” is so ambiguous and I feel like authors only use it because they don’t want to have to “deal” with having a diverse character but if someone says “your book isn’t diverse enough” they can then pull up that ONE character and “I said ‘Tan’ which meant they are *insert random POC*”.
    • Seriously, you can describe anyone as tan, I have tan white friends, you could say that Asian, Middle Easter, black person is ‘Tan’, it is too open and SO freaking annoying.
  • Character with Disability magically overcomes it
    • Look here, Sally (Sally = people in general…) someone who has some mental disorder or physical disorder doesn’t magically over come it. As much as I sometimes wish my friends with anxiety and depression could just *whoosh* be okay, they can’t be, it doesn’t work that way, you have to cope and work with it, so don’t expect me to believe your character is suddenly cured of their depression/anxiety/PTSD and so on, just because they met someone or got some super power.

So those would be my top and possibly my only pet peeves out of all the ones in the bookish world.

They just get to me so much, especially the “Tan” one, I RAGE over that. And the disability, like that shit really does not just go away.

Okay so: what are some of your bookish pet peeves? 

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. Instalove! Like seriously, I would take about two months JUST to open up!
    And also when characters have some deep dark secret and confession which they’ve never told anyone and after one date they spill all of it to the other person, HOW?? It’s sooo annoying!


  2. The one I hate the most out of your list is instalove! It’s the worst book trope out there. I also had the brightly colored eyes, or at least how they are described all the time: “emerald eyes” “blue as the sea” and my favorite “brown eyes with a fleck of gold.” *rolls plain brown eyes*


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