That Awful Author Moment

It is our worst nightmare.

Personally, when I’m meeting an author, I always am nervous. No matter how many authors I’ve met I’m always panicking that they’re going to mean or even disinterested.

(Actually rep of me:)

Now, never have I ever met a mean author. I’ve certainly met some who seem disinterested. As if they’re bored with all the hundreds of their fans, as if they couldn’t care less that these people stood in line for them or love them and their books.

It is heartbreaking.

Especially if it’s your favorite author. That is something I haven’t experienced. Meeting Jodi, Sara, Sarah, Susan, they were all kind and friendly, they seemed interested.

My favorite is when they seem excited as if they can’t believe so many people showed up.

But, nevertheless, it hurts like hell, when you go to meet your fave and they’re nothing you thought they would be. Not even kind and friendly.

This is a problem I’ve seen brought up with Cassie Clare a lot. That she’s mean and rude and disrespectful, and while I’ve never seen that side of her myself, I’m usually VERY careful in how I phrase things when I attempt to talk to her, or she never talks to me…

However, I have seen and read accounts of her being rude to other people and I just can’t imagine how hurtful that must be, considering a lot of people LOVE her books. I’d think that would make her a kinder person, but she seems to be known for snapping.

I’ve also heard (but never seen) things like this with Maggie Stiefvater and Victoria Aveyard. Is it true? I don’t know.

But I personally enjoy both those authors and their works and think it’d be thoroughly heartbreaking if they weren’t the people I thought they would be.

Now, I get it. Authors, especially authors on the more famous side, have a lot more people to deal with, a lot of pressure on them from all those people, to be this great person, and there are always those who will try to bait them into saying something. None of that can be easy.

But that is a never a good reason to be rude or mean to everyone else.

I’ve met a good number of authors, especially those who have VERY large fanbases, since I used to only read books with huge fanbases, and a lot of times the authors are very kind and gracious, no matter how long they’ve been signing and meeting fans.

I’ve met Sarah J. Maas, Leigh Bardugo, and Alex Bracken twice and every time they have these huge smiles on their faces, are always interested, no matter how long they’ve been signing.

The first time I met Alex, I was near the end of her line, they were rushing fans, and she till made an effort to talk to me and my awkward self.

So, usually, authors give a damn.

It’s just a rare one or two who are hurtful.

So, don’t let the mean ones get you down. There is a whole world of authors who love you and want to meet you.

QUESTION! Have you ever had a bad author experience? What’s been your best author experience? 

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


4 thoughts on “That Awful Author Moment

  1. I’ve never met an author before but Sarah J Maas is coming to my country this week and I’m going to her signing and I’m so ridiculously excited! I don’t know what to say to her though. Like what do you say to your favourite author??


  2. I haven’t met any so far but I’m going to BookCon in May so I’ll be writing a very thorough blog post about how it goes and which authors weren’t the most pleasant to meet haha! I get that sometimes you’re tired but so are the fans that have been waiting in line for hours to meet you so I think the least you can do is scrounge up a big smile for them. 🙂


  3. I’ve never met her, but like you I’ve heard lots of stories about Cassie Clare. I met Leigh in the fall and she’s super nice! It’s hard to tell someone’s tone on social media because we only see letters, but the most I’ve seen of Victoria Aveyard being rude/negative is in reply of Asks where the anon tells her he didn’t like her books/her personality or has an issue about Mare being a POC and it not being clear in Red Queen.

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