Mini Review: The Lorien Legacies (books 1-4)

I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1)The Power of Six (Lorien Legacies, #2)The Rise of Nine (Lorien Legacies, #3)The Fall of Five (Lorien Legacies, #4)

I love sci-fi. It’s a lot of fun. And I do like these books. I really do.

It starts with I Am Number Four, which follows the fourth in a line of aliens who survived the destruction of their planet and are now trying to protect Earth and survive from the breed of aliens that destroyed their home in the first place.

As you can see on the cover of the first book, the first three have been killed, which mean they’ll go after number Four.

(They have to be killed in order).

The first book is John (Four) and Henri (his guardian) moving after Four realizes the third has been killed (once one dies, the others all get scars alerting them).

It begins with John and Henri moving to the butt crack middle of effing nowhere in an attempt to protect John since he’s now getting his legacies (abilities granted to the Garde get).

This goes all fine and dandy until the Mogs (bad aliens) show up and fuck shit up for Johnny boy, causing him, Six (who was kind enough to bail him out of dying), BK (John’s alien dog), Sam (John’s friend), and Sarah (John’s human girl friend) to go on the run.

*SPOILER* Henri goes dead dead. It was tragedic, I loved that man.

The rest of the books follow them, finding other members of the Garde and trying to stop Mog taking over/destroying the world.

Which proves the be harder than they thought because the Mogs have gotten their claws way deep into human society (unlike in the films, they actually look human).

Now, you might be thinking “Cat, this sounds cliche, as fuck, why would I want to read this, why do you want to read this?”

Well, I love it.

First of all, there’s a whole host of characters.

Remember when I told you I unintentionally DNFed The Revenge of Seven because John and Sarah made me want to choke myself?

Well, guess what, they aren’t the only characters.

After book one, you’re introduced to more VERY DIFFERENT characters and you get to read through their points of views as well.

Even when I do get tired of John and Sarah’s bullshit I still get a healthy dose of Ten, Six, Nine, Seven.

Not to mention all the fun side characters like Sam and BK and Adam who doesn’t come in until the end of book four, but earlier if you read the novellas 😀

Also, part of why I loved the books, where the novellas. Some of the novellas take you back to when their planet was still around and alive and it just makes you hurt thinking about all they lost.

Then you have stories about Nine and some of the other Garde, their lives before the events of the books.

There’s a series of stories following Sam and Adam which are AMAZING and all around make me love the characters more when I read about the main events of the series.

It’s fun reading about all their different personalities and all the places they visit (I think they find Eight in India?).

Plus, while I didn’t notice it before, they do, actually have some diversity. Eight was Indian (I think) and Seven is Latina. Or maybe that’s just how I pictured them.

Plus, they all have fun abilities. I always loved when they’d introduce another member of the Garde and they’d all discover they’re powers, especially Ten and Eight that was delightful.

So, yes I do love then and overall would give them three to four stars.

Even though I did DNF the last book I am going to go back to it I SWEAR. I have the sixth book and need to read that too.

It’s just so much happened at the end of the fourth book, it was such chaos and I was dying inside because I couldn’t take it, it just felt like John and Sarah were too whiny over their minuscule problems.

Seriously, their romantic subplot makes me want to puke, I much prefer the others who are “I love you, but we have bigger problems” other than John and Sarah’s which is “I know everyone is dying but our love is the thing we must focus on.”

It wasn’t like this in the first book, that isn’t character development, this is why you don’t get FIVE OR FOUR STARS.

That’s all, I hope you all enjoyed this “mini” review!

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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