Books I Want Based Off Pinterest Boards

I don’t actually follow I a lot of people on Pinterest (whoops).

However, one of my favorite things to do on there is look up Boards for WIPs and books.

The more (pins and boards) the merrier.

So, going through, I have compiled a list of books I would love to see based off these certain boards.

Not, I’m not sure all of these were meant to be WIPs, but I loved that board (LOVE IT) and I tried to keep it one board per writer. There is one exception to that rule.

I also kept it unpublished because if it’s going to be published, I’ll get to read it anyways.

These are painfully uncertain to me.

  1. Dusk and Pines by Tara Sim
    1. Looks wonderfully dark and delicious
    2. Here are some Pins + A LINK!
      (the sacrificial lamb)    Collecting youth. by alexstoddard,: a room full of stars: Make him imp sized and have dark green hair and you have greed, the first imp demon and the second least powerful sin demon, but the most crafty.:
  2. Evil Prince by Tara Sim
    1. She is the exception
    2. This might be giving me darker vibes….
    3. LINK
    4. Pins:
      [Dimitri Armand]:  :  :
  3. Alt-Arabian Fantasy by Hafsah
    1. This is basically all I ever wanted in this world (look at the title)
    2. Look at these pins ❤
       : Istanbul.:  :
  4. The Shadow Season by Alex Bracken
    1. Looks beautifully dark
    2. Different than The Darkest Mind’s dark…
    3. PINS!
       :  :  :
  5. Screechers by Susan Dennard
    1. It looks like fantasy.
    2. Apparently takes place in a world with 1920s tech YIKES.
    3. PINS:
      Iris inspiration: The Master:  :
  6. Crescent City by Sarah J. Maas
    1. Her publishing this would be a dream come true
    2. I’ve been waiting on this book forever.
    3. Holy moly, please.
    4. PINS:
      [Apparition Concept by Jerad S Marantz]: Bryce and Danika:  :
    5. It’s so wonderfully creepy, I’m sobbing.
  7. Space Book by Sara Raasch
    1. Because she sold the rights to Pirate Book!
    2. This one looks amazing though.
    3. After Pirate Book maybe?
    4. PINS!:
      Conceptual Digital Art by Tansie Stephens:  : Amazing!:
  8. Magic Girl Gang by Tristina Wright
    1. The rights to 27 Hours have been sold!
    2. This looks equally amazing!
    3. HOPING!
    4. PINS:
      #writing #writinginsiration #inspiration #inspiringwriters: fantasy: May Flowers by on @DeviantArt:
  9. Nightborn by Jessica Cluess
    1. Looks dark
    2. But also shiny
    3. PINS!:
       :  :  :
  10. A Menagerie of Dreams by Roshani Chokshi
    1. This sounds weird and magical
    2. Lovin’ it.
    3. PINS:
      Kitsune (fox) Yokai are Japanese creatures from Japanese folklore and ghost stories. A Japanese history professor also told me that to be "cursed by a fox" was a euphemism for mental illness.: Arles, ProvenceGuess what's getting printed on clear film and stuck in front of my mirror? Brilliant!:
  11. Honour Amongst Thieves by Fairy Tale Reader
    1. I wanted to pick them all…
    2. Look and understands:
      The Black Sorcerer Is In Town by Shue13 on DeviantArt (detail): .:  :


If only these were published books!

Love getting pins off these people! Especially the last one, OMG, they’re AMAZING!

Are there any boards you all steal pins from?

If you’ve got a story board or WIP board on Pinterest, please link me to it! 

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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