Mini Review: Throne of Glass (1-3)

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass, #2)Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass, #3)

Originally, I picked up this series because Sarah was going to be attending the 2014 YALLFest.

She was not on my priority list AT ALL. No, those slots remained for Alexandra Bracken, Michelle Hodkins, and Laini Taylor.

That was a good YALLFest year.

That was the year, the summer, I picked out a whole bunch of books, sat down and started reading a whole bunch because I wanted to see ALL the authors and I had wanted to read their books!

At the time of reading it, I thought it was okay. I can definitely say I was more of an Urban Fantasy girl, still consider myself one, those I do appreciate fantasies of all types.

I don’t think I’d ever really played with high fantasy before and because no one was there hyping it up for me, I didn’t think too much of it.

Throne of Glass, I’m sure doesn’t need much introduction.

When I first read it, like I said, it was my introduction to, of sorts, to high fantasy. Before that, a lot of supernatural and Urban.

I was intrigued, I won’t lie, by the beginning, the challenges of the first book, by Celaena’s snarky and cocky attitude.

I was also a Chalaena shipper back then. I saw her and Dorian the way I see them now: as the perfect pair of friends ❤

I loved Nehemia and was curious by the going on’s of the palace in which Celaena was staying and so on.

However, by the end of the book, I was confused. Yes, there were a few open ending, but I knew this was a series and was unsure of where it was supposed to go.

A lot like The Host, if Throne of Glass had been a stand alone, I think I would’ve been okay.

Then came the second one. Curiosity was what drove me forward. I wanted to know where Sarah was taking this series.

The second one was definitely one of my favorites just because of how much was revealed, uncovered, I felt like there were a lot of twists and the characters were evolving, I saw it as the perfect beginning of the end.

Now is probably a good time to mention that at this point I thought Throne of Glass was a trilogy. I though Heir of Fire was the last one.
Understand, most of what I read were trilogies and no one had told me otherwise.

So, I started Heir of Fire. The feeling sort of went back to the first book in which I was curious as to where Maas was going.

We now know *Spoiler if you aren’t there* that Celaena was Aelin, that she was a lost fae princess (now Queen, TBH) that she was going to fae land, that the human kingdom was about to be screwed and so on.

(I’m having such a bad time with names right now).

I was a little annoyed at first that they introduced new characters in what I thought was the last book.

Now, imagine my fucking surprise when that ending hit and instead of everything be resolved EVERYTHING WENT TO HELL.

I think that’s when my true love of the series started.

The first book had been so confusing, because what’s the point. Then I got hit with all these sudden realizations, everything slowly was beginning to fall apart, the perfect order in which had been presented in the first book was slowly becoming chaotic.

Then comes book number three. I think it is the last, I am sadly mistaken, things really start going down the toilet hole, you’re sitting there going “What the fuck is happening, gods no.”

That series set me up for failure.

I didn’t think I’d end up loving the characters like I did. I didn’t think it would have an interesting plot, with little subplots, craftily done so that they all tied up nice and need. No, I really did not expect the twists and turns that were to come.

All because of a lack of internet. I was able to truly enjoy and appreciate these books. 

Because I had no spoilers, I literally knew nothing but what the back of the damn book told me and I feel ALIVE right now, just thinking about it.

And this is totally how I feel with Queen of Shadows because it has done the same thing that Throne of Glass did. A few loose ends, otherwise, everything was tied up nicely, a few changes and it could stop there, but no, Sarah is sadistic and is probably going to pull something out of her sleeve, that both makes me want to die but gives me a reason to live because I must see this series through to the end.

Overall, I give this series 4 stars 😀

Shocking I know.

This is also where the whole “an author is half the book” comes in, because after seeing Sarah again for Queen of Shadows, I had a whole new appreciation for her.

Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Mini Review: Throne of Glass (1-3)

  1. i had the same thoughts reading heir of fire! i was thinking, “what in the world is happening no WHY” but the series just keeps getting better because of the way sarah writes those situations!


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