A Letter To Fantasy Authors

Dear Fantasy Authors,

you make my heart go around. Whether you write urban fantasy or high fantasy, as long as it is fantasy, I love it.

What a beautiful genre. Some don’t see it, but I love it. In fantasy, anything can happen.

Dragons, breath fire, faeries, castles, magic, krakens, what worlds people can create.

Of so many different sizes and shapes, worlds where you all control the rules and boundaries.

I love them. These worlds, these people, who are not ordinary, who aren’t as they seem, who have abilities.

You see, fantasy authors, I hate everyday life. It’s boring and tiring. There isn’t much to offer.
Personally, I do a lot of sleeping and homework.
School is nothing like those young children movies told me there would be. We don’t break out into song anymore (we used to, though…).

This is where fantasy comes in handy. With fantasy, it is rare those things matter.

Though the might in Urban fantasy and it never ceases to amaze me that the characters can drop whatever they’re doing and do something else.

Still love it.

Thank you fantasy authors, for taking me away from this world. For giving me new worlds, new adventures, new friends, new abilities.

They never stop amazing, they always leave me wanting more.

I suppose you could say I’m a fantasy addict.

Thank you for your amazing writing.

Much love,

-Kit Cat.



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