Mini Review: Violet Eden Chapter/Embrace Series (1-3)

Embrace (The Violet Eden Chapters, #1)Entice (The Violet Eden Chapters, #2)Emblaze (The Embrace Series, #3)

You all are going to have to stay with me here because I read this books a while ago. My memory of them is very bad.

When I say long ago, I mean, the first one came out in 2012, I believe, and I have a hardback of it. I bought the hardback at my bookstore. Pretty sure that’s when I got it too.

This was kind of during my supernatural/angelic phase, those were the things I kept reading, vampires, werewolves, depression, and angels, that was my game.

So, these guys were a little different from the angels. Because they weren’t angels and they weren’t the half-angels (Nephilim?) but actually these things called Grigori, that had angel spirits(?) in them.

Creatures like the Nephilim and fallen angels and so on exist in this world, it’s just the main breed/characters are not that.

They have a system in this book that now I look back on it, is a LOT like the parabatai system and…

Oh no, I just remembered something that happened at the end of the third book and I’m said again. Fuck.

I still haven’t gotten around to reading the last two, though I really should because book three ended with QUITE the plot twist.

In terms of characters, I do not remember that much. There’s Violet, Lincoln(?), Phoenix (big ??), Violet’s best friend?

I need to stop before someone who remembers this series well comes in and kills me for butchering it.

So I loved this series for the most part and am very excited to go back and read it, finish it and so on.

There is, for those of you considering, a weird love triangle. And it bothered me a lottle because I didn’t and still don’t like EITHER of the guys.

Be alone Violet. You’re better off that way. Neither of your options are good ones anyways.

However, I do remember being a fan of the Grigori and the way they were portrayed, as well as the way the other creatures of Christian mythology were.

Plus there are three characters that I remember distinctly being amused by and I don’t want to get it wrong but I think it was Onyx (?) and Violet’s two angel people that sometimes visit her and I don’t remember why.

oh, also, they never really give details as to where they are, it never gives a country or anything and I found that very interesting.

Either way, I really did like and need to read up on it, get a crash course of what happened in the last three books because what is in this review is what I remember and finish the series up.

Three stars overall, though I would totally rec it if you’re into that type of thing.

Peace and love, Friends.

-Kit Cat


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