I Wish There Were More….

You all read books, I’m sure. I hope so. If not, you might want to get off this blog and find another one that would better cater to your interests…

Does anyone else ever get the feeling that what they’re reading is repetitive? I get that.

Not immediately, I’m very easy to please, all these things are afterthoughts.

However, this is a time in my life when I think about the books I’ve read and go “wouldn’t it be fucking awesome if the book had more _____?”

(low key, just wanted an April gif 😀 )

And you may wonder “what do you want, Cat?” Probably not, but you’re about to find out anyways!

  1. Kickass friendships!
    1. That is all I want in the world are two friends who are loyal and love each, I HATE when a secondary friend character is just there for the convenience of the MC and they like their love interest more than their friends. You’re being a shitty friend, that’s not friendship, STOP IT.
  2. Different physical features
    1. I’d love different races, but also size, hair, eyes. You always have that “medium-height, white, long, straight hair, bright eyes…” come on now, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want, and it isn’t that.
  3. Pets
    1. I don’t understand why so few books have people with pets in them. Animals are amazing and useful HOW DO YOU LIVE IN A WORLD WITH ONLY HUMANS?
    2. In some cases they’ll see an animal or they’ll be part animal and I’m here to say, I do not count that.
  4. Sexualities.
    1. Hello, not everyone is heterosexual. There’s never even an inkling, you don’t even have females complimenting each other or anything, it’s like they’re aggressively heterosexual and they cannot even come close to touching the lines of anything else, it KILLS ME.
  5. Quirks
    1. This very well could be my talent for having NO memory of what I read other than major details, but somewhere inside me, I feel like characters have no weird little quirks and I love weird little quirks. Like randomly dancing or bursting into song or making a reference to something ALL the time.

Well, that is all I can think of for now.

Is there anything you’d like to see more of in YA? 

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


3 thoughts on “I Wish There Were More….

  1. LMAO at *lowkey just wanted an April GIF ahaha*

    BUT YES AT ALL POINTS ! I’d love to see quirks ! I can’t think of the title right now but I remeber one of the characters just referenced musical titles to life scenarios and I loved it. I would also love more pets ! (Even though Patrick Ness’s series Choas Walking is a terrible example because on boy did I cry my little heart out)

    Basically YASSSS for every point ! More sexualities PLEASE ! More friendships that aren’t sloppy ‘realationships’ and more characters who are straight haired, thin waist and medium height.

    Great post Cat !!


  2. I agree with all of these! The only book that I remember having a pet in is throne of glass, and we don’t even see them much anymore! 😦

    I REALLY want more books with friendships. For instance, will and jem from TID or basically any parabatai!

    there needs to be more diversity in books, especially race, size, and sexuality! it seems like not enough authors write about this kind of stuff.

    Love this post! 🙂


  3. I totally agree with you about friendships, physical features, and sexualities. I loove seeing good friendships but I feel like they’re few and far between. And yeah, with physical features and sexualities it definitely feels like every character is the same or very close to being the same. Soo frustrating!


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