The Perks of Being Kind of Organized

Hello, friends and strangers.

I’m not an organized person in any way, shape, or form.

I am chaotic and messy and my life/mind kind of looks like this:

Recently, as the academic year has been coming to a close, I have been *attempting* to be more organized.
With my blog.

I’ll never be organized with my school work *sigh*.

Up until a month ago I didn’t schedule blog posts. I never saw a need to. Blogging was and is a hobby, so I figured I’d just put stuff up when I got around to it.

But then I started to care. Because I’d get home and find that literally no one had gotten on my blog that day, then realized I hadn’t posted anything for a few days, and thought “well that’s probably why.”

I never really stressed over putting up blog posts. It was just I would always notice when I last put up a blog post and I would have these strokes of inspiration to finally write one, then wouldn’t want to write one for a few more days.

Half the time when I did get the inspiration I had a shit ton of homework to do or a test coming up that I needed to study for, so writing a post wasn’t really a good idea.

So, I finally decided to schedule.

Clearly I’m a WordPress user and they have a scheduling thing, although the time part never works (I can’t choose a specific time, even if I set one) but it will post on the date.

So that is what I have been doing all month.

On my calendar is what posts on what days and whenever I have the inspiration I just write it up and schedule it for a blank day.

It is strangely convenient.

I make sure I have one blog post going up a day.

I’m hoping that over Spring break I read a lot and get a lot of inspiration so I can hopefully schedule to the end of May because May is testing season, SOLs and AP Exams, and lord knows I do not want to be panicking while I’m trying to prep for those.

So, while I do love chaos (I really do) being in organized in blogging helps so I don’t have to panic when nothing has gone up and there is nothing new to look at,

Similarly, I have five currents that I post on my blog, which readers probably know by now.

  • Discussions
  • Mini-Reviews
  • WIP
  • “Writing Inspiration”
  • Letters

I have a list of discussion post ideas, a list of books to review while I’m trying to finish my current reads, a LONG list of WIPs, I have a doc for writing inspiration, and another list of letters.

A- for organization if I do say so myself.

Those are personally some of my perks since I really do like blogging. I also feel better about getting more reviews up because I feel like my blog really lacked those until the mini reviews.

Do you all schedule posts? Do any of you have a fun blogging system? 😀

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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