The TV show.

A while I was watching Friends or thinking about Friends or something like that and then went to thinking about Six of Crows (which is weird because I haven’t read it yet, LE has it) and thought I wonder which characters would go with which characters from Friends.

Have you watched Friends? You’ve probably seen it referenced. Very white show… Watched it when I was younger and I still watch it when I need something funny and light-hearted.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, in Friends you have Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey.

Ross: dinosaur guy, gets married a lot.

Rachel: fashion princess, Monica’s best friend from high school.

Chandler: weird, awkward, famous on the internet, actually me, Monica’s husband in later seasons, best friends with Joey:

Monica: obsessive, controlling, winner, very clean, loud, tiny, chef, married Chandler, Ross’s sister, Phoebe’s old roommate, Rachel’s high school bestie.

Phoebe: has a sad-ish background, hardcore, but also flowery, and a bit of an airhead. She’s my second fave. She gets along best with Joey. Also: Smelly Cat:

Finally, Joey: he likes food, flirts with all the girls (even the three MC), he’s an “actor”, an airhead, lives with Chandler, gets along best with Phoebe, I am him.:

NOW that I have introduced you to the friends characters (if you didn’t already know them), now I shall explain.

I want to match book characters to Friends characters *evil laughter*. I figured I might as well put it on here, make sport of it.


I shall start us off with FOUR series because I just looked up and saw that many I could use!


First: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Potential spoilers ahead!


Chaol and Ross: But okay hear me out: They both need control (same tbh) and they both seem to have a weird time with women, right? (In my opinion).

Dorian and Joey -> They’re both all for the ladies but also cute little puppies that you love ❤

Manon is Phoebe -> both hardcore as fuck, probably did NOT have the best backgrounds (which lead to them being hardcore) and they both have amazing friends 😀

Lysandra is Monica -> she changed herself, is now a very lovely lady and also ten times more hardcore. (Yes, Mon is pretty hardcore when you think about it).

Aelin as Rachel -> both love fashion, both have a touch undertone

Aedion as Chandler-> is was really a toss up between Rowan and Aedion, though, but I feel like Rowan would be Mike…

(to be honest, I was stuck on who should go with Aelin, Rachel, Mon, and Lysandra).


SECOND: Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard

Eleanor gets Monica: a little idle at first, then learning to tough it, don’t like “no”, must win, and in general, are awesome.

Joseph gets Joey: not just for the name, but they can both be wise (with Joey, that’s a stretch), and generally know more than they let on, but people eventually find out anyways.

Daniel and Chandler: both kind of do work no one really knows about, both are adorable, and awkward, and oober lovable!

Jie gets Phoebe: both are hardcore, both move on to better lives, but also still live on the edge.

Ollie gets Ross: they both strike me as people with short tempers and slight obsessions.

Allison with Rachel: because they both show up to old friends when it is convenient for them and don’t do more than they really need to.


Third! The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken!

Ruby with Phoebe!

Liam with Chandler (both are so lovable)!

Chubs with Ross, both need control.

Zuza with Joey, because both are smol and innocent, but deadly in their own unique way!

Vida as Monica because she will take no shit from anyone!

Cole as Rachel, just because it is BEAUTIFUL if you try to imagine it!


Truthwitch  by Susan Dennard:

Iseult gets Phoebe!

Safi gets Monica! Phoebe and Monica can kick butt and became friends in an unlikely fashion. Or are just unlikely friends.

Aeduan gets Ross, them with their short tempers.

Evrane gets Chandler, because I can SEE IT.

Merik gets Rachel, mostly for the same reason as Cole.

Kullen gets Joey, because both are smol, precious children.


FINALLY: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas.

This was great until I ran out of characters.

Feyre-> Monica

Tamlin-> Phoebe

Lucien-> Chandler (don’t tell me you don’t see it)

Rhys-> Joey

Nesta-> Rachel

Amarantha- Ross


That is all for now, but I am currently compiling another list of characters and trying to match them to Friends characters.

The only problem is, a lot of them seem to have too few characters so then I’m left pulling from secondary and it gets messy.

IF you have any books you know or think I’ve read and would like to suggest, suggest away and I’ll try to add it into the next one.

And I’ll try to do less next time!

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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