Negative Reviews

Negative reviews are the things of my nightmares.

That’s generally something I’d imagine an author saying, right? That’s something usually only an author would say? But no, bad reviews, especially of books I love, make me so nervous.

When it comes to a book I haven’t read and don’t really have an interest in reading, I’m totally fine. I shrug it off.

But on the other hand, it… Pains me… To see and read them.

Especially reviews in which reviewers SHRED the damn thing. Like they hated it THAT much and it physically hurts me to read it half the time, I just sit there wondering what the book did to hurt you so much, it didn’t mean to.

It was there for your entertainment, just because it failed doesn’t mean you have to hurt it. IT DIDN’T MEAN TO *sobs*.

Similarly, I HATE giving bad reviews, hate, hate, hate it.

Especially with my mini-review series, there are two books on there that I gave *chokes* two *chokes* stars.

And it isn’t that I hated them, it’s just… One is like a mixing bowl of tropes and while that’s okay it was so unoriginal and gross and the other I just remember it as being so boring. Like I think about picking up the second one because I actually like this author’s other series, but it’s just… so… BORING. At least, in my memory.

But seriously I die inside. I panic, I flail… I just

Truthfully, I applaud those who can give good, critical, bad reviews. Because even when the reasons I disliked it are totally sound I still struggle to give it less than three stars.

I struggle to admit I didn’t like it and I turn a blind eye to the reasons I do not like it.

This shouldn’t be a problem because it’s my opinion and on some level, I feeling like if I’m not ripping it apart, insulting it, but giving good, solid reasons as to why I didn’t like it, I should be fine.

But then I worry, about influencing someone else not to buy it, maybe they’d like it? What if the author sees it? I mean, I love you, I’m sorry, it just wasn’t for me, it’ll be for someone else I swear.

To be honest, friends, I’m panicking over putting up those two bad reviews, but I’m getting somewhat better at it.

I’m getting better at feeling out what I like and what I don’t like. Coming to terms with my opinions enough to bring down all my ratings from five or four stars to at least three.

With the mini-reviews it isn’t as hard, I’m reviewing overall series most of the times and a lot of them are popular. Reviews are mixed on them anyways.

It’s hardest for me when I really like the author or talk to them, have met them. Or if I really liked their other works.

If the author isn’t that popular or they’re a debut, I feel a quite a bit awful if I dislike their books, because I feel like they need a chance and then there’s always another part of me saying “hey Kit, they’re authors, they should be able to take this.”

But it still shatters my heart to have to give a bad review.

Like I said, though, I’m working around it, really. Maybe wait till later, try to be constructive with my criticism if I chose to give any, don’t tag the author (potentially hide it from them), wait until there are more good reviews to let my bad one float out into the mist, don’t rip the book a new one because it was just trying to do its job.

It also helps to remember that authors are people… I’ve seen some reviews that seem to think that there isn’t a person behind the book, who could potentially see all the nastiness in the post?

But, of course, this is just me.

What are your feelings on negative reviews? Comment below, I’ll talk to you later ❤

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Negative Reviews

  1. I definitely have a hard time writing negative reviews. Part of that is because I enjoy 99% of what I read and when I don’t enjoy it I’m just kind of at a loss because it’s not something that I experience a lot. Another part of it is definitely that I’m afraid the author will see it (especially if it was a book I got from the author to review) and will be upset, especially now that I follow a lot of authors on Twitter and see a lot of them mentioning that they don’t feel like they’re good at writing or don’t feel like “real” authors. And yet another part is that, like you mentioned, I don’t want to discourage people from buying a book that they might like even though I didn’t. I mostly try to suck it up and basically talk about what I didn’t like while doing my best not to be rude about it. I also make sure to point out what I did like, just to kind of show that it wasn’t ALL negative (I’ve yet to read a book where I didn’t like anything). ANYWAY, I’ll stop now because this comment is already way too long hahaha Great post!


  2. Personally, I always try to give constructive criticism in my negative reviews. I try to find something that I liked, or that someone else could like even if I didn’t, because someone worked hard on this and I can imagine what it would feel like to have someone just completely rip into something that required so much work. I usually won’t even review a book that irritated/angered me because there’s no point in it, unless there’s something really problematic with that specific book (like City of Bones).
    Great post!


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