Love Triangles: There Can Only Be One

Either, love triangles have never bothered me or I just don’t notice them.

It used to be the first, now I’ve just grown oblivious to it. In my mind, there’s the person I want the MC to end up with and if that doesn’t happen, if they chose the other guy, okay.

However, I can understand why they’d be annoying.

Generally, with the books I read, the problem the MC’s face are… Relatively large and drastic. When love triangles pop up it just leaves me wondering “Why?”

Half the time their life is on the line or someone else’s or the fate of the world and you’re worried about who to go out with?

As an underlying theme, I can see it.Maybe as a mild problem. Subconsciously, you have the character thinking to themselves, “Wow, I like both these people…?” But they’re more focused on the larger problem at hand.

When it isn’t that it has the potential to be SO much more annoying. I mean, for real, your world is ending, but please stop and take a moment to try and chose between guys.

Does it really matter that much?

Love triangles are not fun. Not unless really well done or in the back ground. When they come up as a main theme, plot, whatever, it’s annoying, it calls for one to punch themselves in the face¬†because that CANNOT REALLY be the biggest problem on the books.

I mean, if we’re speaking realistically, how many teenagers have to choose between a guy in which that is their life altering situation.

More likely would be choosing between college rather than choosing between love interests.

Personally, I think it can be okay, you know? Love triangles, fine, whatever, but for the love of the gods why make it the biggest part of your book?

I mean, I’m okay with, say, Snow Like Ashes or maybe The Girl From Everywhere or Grisha where it’s put on hold or maybe a situational thing (again, in my opinion), but when it’s something that’s front and center, twenty-four seven?

Punch me, please.

Like in Embrace, I’m pretty sure the MC spends a good amount of time trying to think of which guy to choose. And while there are some life altering events that could happen if she chooses one over the other, a lot of time is spent with her debating that, meanwhile the world is actually at stake, but, by all means, have some boy problems.

So, am I personally a fan of love triangles? Well, I never really notice them, like I said. They’re an after thought for me, which generally equates to them being okay. If I didn’t notice, mission accomplished, not a bad job author person.

When I do notice it is when my head explodes.

Not as bad as Insta-love though, I’ll talk about that later.

What are your thoughts on love triangles? Yes or no?

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Love Triangles: There Can Only Be One

  1. SIGHHH LOVE TRIANGLES ARE A TOTAL “NAY” FOR ME. But I CAN be okay with them from time to time! Especially when they’re well-written (which honestly differs for each book).
    But my solution? If ya fell in love with the second guy, pick him. Obviously ya didn’t love the first guy enough.

    Also! If it’s constantly taking up that many pages, DON’T PICK ANYONE. It’s not like you NEED a guy, anyway. You can keep them both as your friends. BE AN INDEPENDENT MC. *flexes*

    But for real, I see enough love triangles/drama in real life to want to deal with it in fiction LOL.


  2. I’m not a huge fan of them, as I usually pick my ships really early on. I can’t think of any I liked, really. The Darkling and Mal was interesting, but I really just wanted Alina to stick with Mal and cut the drama. It IS one of the best I’ve seen though. Usually, I’m a “no” for love triangles.


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