Bookish Turn Offs

For a while there I felt very timid about sharing my opinions that may hurt people’s feelings or offended them for whatever reason.

I still am.

I feel like I’ve done this before? OH WELL.

BUT, I thought I’d just casually share some extra things that piss me off or I’m not a fan of.

  • Book covers with people on them
    • Full blown people, trying to look sexy, or just being there. I don’t usually read in public, but I’m probably not going to read a book in public if there’s a giant person or half naked or person on the front cover.
  • Male characters that are hero worshipped despite being a fucking dick.
    • I don’t care about their “redeemable” qualities or that they’re hot as hell, they’re an asshole, stop that shit. Just because you’re the main male MC doesn’t give the right to be an asshole.
  • MC’s who cast aside they’re supposed best friend unless they need them.
    • That’s not how friendship WORKS. You can’t just call up your friends when you need them and then cast them aside when you’re done?! THAT’S NOT NICE. YOU HAVE TO TRY TO MAKE AN EFFORT. They’re friends not plot devices. Just because the MC needs a car means they need to learn to drive or call someone they give a crap about because calling friends solely when one needs them is a dick move.
    • I’m low-key looking at Nora from Hush, Hush here. I liked Vee, not too fond of the way she was treated.
    • It hurts even more when the friend loves the MC but the MC is still just an asshole to them.
  • Insta-love.
    • I need to make an entire post on this because I hate it, I hate the notion that someone just sees someone else and they know that that person is the one. Suddenly they’re willing to throw their whole life away for that person and that person is the only thing they give a shit about.
    • Bullshit. Calling the BS here.
  • MC and their love interests are basically the only two characters.
    • I mean, yeah, there are secondary characters, but they’re one dimensional and don’t have feelings.
    • This usually only happens in first person narratives and shit but it’s still annoying.
    • Why are they focusing so much on their love interest, do they have no one else in their lives? I mean it’s okay if they don’t, but could the author state that or something?
    • “We can only trust each other” doesn’t even count.
  • Lack of parents/ parenting.
    • In so many situations I have to wonder where the fudge nuggets their parents are.
    • Sometimes it’s the lack of parenting. There are times in which the kid is not social at all and suddenly they’re staying out late and the parent is totally fine with that.
    • That’s not a thing. Usually…
    • Or they run into a kid on the road. Where are your parents son? You look shady enough to need some sort of supervision.
    • Why do you have absolutely none?
    • Or cases in which the guardian is shit. Who let them in charge. I’m going to punch someone.
    • None of that is not realistic, like, there are god awful parents, it just bothers me that that happens in general, sorry.
    • Some parents need to get their shit together.
  • Lack of pets
    • Conflict could be avoided if they had a dog or cat or wolf or elephant or zebra, I will take anything, why do more characters not have pets THIS IS SO WRONG.
  • Big macho male is big and strong and manly.
    • Are you compensating for something, sir?
  • Once again: MC female who is average but not average, but actually perfect with one imperfection.
    • Liar.
  • The kiss that resolves the argument or anger or tensions
    • if that happened as often in real life as it did YA my life would be a lot weirder. And more uncomfortable.
  • Best friend has been in love with them for years and has been hopefully sticking around in hopes that they’ll love them back.
    • Honestly, they’d either move on to someone else or get a restraining order.

For the most part, this is just me screaming my opinion and, you know, it started out calm and got more hotheaded as it went on, that’s just how I roll, I guess.

What makes you angry at books? Comment and let me know 🙂

-Kit Cat

2 thoughts on “Bookish Turn Offs

  1. I agree with so many of these things! And notice how they’re mostly in contemporaries too, hehe. 😛

    I just hate it when authors pit girl characters together. We need to encourage female friendships so much, especially to young teens and adolescents! When I see those big love triangles where a girl is against 3 other girls for one guy I just want to roll my eyes and burn something.

    And yeah, special snowflakes can just melt and die.


  2. PREACH IT! This post is glorious and perfectly explains every single thing I hate about books. I could never hate books themselves, of course, but sometimes they just piss me off so damn much I want to rip my hair out – and not in the fun, anxiety of what’s going to happen next sort of way.

    I love this post ❤ and most of your discussion posts, really. You take the words right out of my mouth : ) You go girl!


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