MiniReview: Heroes of Olympus

The Lost Hero (The Heroes of Olympus, #1)The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2)The Mark of Athena (The Heroes of Olympus, #3)The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)The Blood of Olympus (The Heroes of Olympus, #5)

I figured with all the bookish rants going on I should do a mini review, so HEROES OF OLYMPUS was chosen.

WARNING this review contains spoilers, but no great detail. Read at your own risk, nevertheless.

I freaking LOVE mythology, do not get me wrong. HOWEVER, not as big as fan of Heroes of Olympus as I was Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Book one, I was a little on edge because it had about ZERO of the original cast. Yeah, okay the go to Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth briefly comes in, otherwise, it is entirely new people.

My friends told me I’d see old faces and they LIED.

Kidding, I did, but not till book two.

To be honest, I was so uninterested in The Lost Hero I don’t even remember what happened in the story and I guess it didn’t matter. All you really need to know  is that Jason and Percy were essentially switched, there’s a Roman camp, and most of the gods, other than Apollo, have split personalities between Roman and Greek.

BOOM, now you can skip to book two which actually FEATURES the beautiful snark that is Persassy, I mean Percy.

Now, with this one, I was pretty much okay. I loved getting to know the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, and how it worked and how it was different from the Greek Camp, nice and cool, nice and easy.

Frank and Hazel were AMAZING and slightly awkward and badass and I love them so much.

I mean, I love Jason, Piper, and Leo, but mostly I love Leo…

Then, finally, all I’d been waiting for, BOOK THREE! And then Percy and Annabeth were reunited!

And from then on out, everything went to hell.

Look, don’t get me wrong, I liked this series, I still smile upon it fondly, I really do.

BUT… All that being said… It wasn’t Percy Jackson. Honestly, I wasn’t entirely fond of the new cast. Okay, lies, I didn’t like Jason.

I wasn’t a fan of how he and Percy were put on the same footing. Maybe it was having been in Percy’s head for five damn books, but I preferred him. Jason bored me.

They tried to do to him in one book what the author did to Percy in five plus books. That just wasn’t happening.

Same with his romance with Piper. She’s a cool kick ass girl, not fond of her and Jason’s relationship.

Honestly, I found the introduction of the new characters, from The Lost Hero awkward and rushed, whereas when you’re introduced to Frank and Hazel it’s this nice, easy, smooth transition.

Again, this might have to do with my undying love of the original cast, but I wasn’t fond of how left out they were.

By they, I mostly mean Grover. I missed Grover.

Similarly, I wasn’t fond of how Riordan cut out Percy and Annabeth’s POVs with the argument that they’d had their time to shit or what not.

If he really believed that he wouldn’t have written them so heavily into this series.

Last thing that really got to me is something a friend pointed out a bit ago. How they portray the battle against Gaia and her giants as more drastic that battle with the titans.

Close to no one dies in the battle with the giants. Plus it felt rushed. Then they had the battle against the camps, which I’m honestly shocked NO MORTAL noticed AT ALL. Once again, pretty bad, basically the Hunger Games, with kids battling to the death, but also, little to no death.

Battle of Manhattan you have betrayal and kids dropping like flies and the tragedy that some of those kids turned just because no one was seeing them.

Battle against the camps just seemed a pathetic misunderstanding.

NEVERTHELESS… I did like the series, I was fond of the new cast (other than Jason), I did like their adventure.

Overall I give it three stars, but definitely no more than that.

Peace and love, peeps.

-Kit Cat


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