Mini-Review: The Dark Light

This is going to be a for real mini-review, I remember less about this book than I do about the Violet Eden Chapters.

It’ll be a quick read I promise.

The Dark Light

Okay, so I’m hoping that you all got that I wasn’t a big fan from my “I don’t remember much” comment.

Also, I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I really should’ve, in this case.

Good things or thing I have to say about this book from what I remember: it was an easy read. And it wasn’t too bad.

But… Most of what I remember… Are all of these tropes… These bad, cheesy tropes. And I wonder to myself… Why?

How did… It end up this way? And I remember the ending left it open to have another and I would look for it thinking “It might be bad now, but it might get better? MIGHT?!”

And nothing ever happened? So, I’m somewhat relieved.

As much as I hate myself for this, overall it gets Two Stars because it’s like a bunch of tropes in a mixing bowl, but I have decent memories of it…

That’s all I have to say about it.

Peace and love dorks.

-Kit Cat


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