Personalized Books

Seeing as my other blog post today was a tragedic two-star review, I’ve gone ahead and decided to do another post today. In this case, I’ve chosen to talk about personalized books.

In my personal book collection, I actually have quite a few of books that are signed and personalized to me. Last month I posted a list of authors I’ve met, which keeps growing every time I remember an author.

Now, in some cases, things were just signed, in general, however, most of the time, they’re personalized.

Okay, I used to LOVE getting books signed and personalized. It was, and still it, amazing to look into a book and see your name there, sometimes with a little message written on them, other times not so much.

It’s a way of saying “I’ve met this amazing person” and “they have, in some small way, acknowledged my existence”.

This is great for me because in some cases I never got to take a picture with them, such as the case with Michelle Hodkin. She’d HUGE in the book world and wrote this series I still look upon fondly and I never got a picture with her because of my stupid dumb phone at the time. However, all of my Mara Dyer books are signed and personalized and I’m hoping she comes near me for the new books she’s writing.

The only time I’ve really regretted getting books personalized are a few ARCs. At some point, such as in this case, I consider giving them away or putting them up on Books For Trade, but then I have to add that they are tarnished with my weird name inside them.

Luckily, I always have it signed “Cat” (unless it’s Jodi who signs it “Kit Cat” or “Kit Cat’s Mom” once). A three letter name is VERY easy to cross out if need be.

(That’s a lie, this year at YALLFest I put Kit Cat instead of Cat, you’ll see, whoops).

The name in my hardcover of Glass Sword is crossed out because I got the first one signed and personalized to my friend “Sarah” and she put the name in both, then crossed the second one out. It works.

Either way, especially when it comes to hardbacks, I LOVE getting books signed to me, personalized for me to keep and love and hug and look on fondly later in life.

So, I took I few pictures of personalized books (one is sideways, I apologize). These are only a few in a bigger bunch which is only going to grow later one.

Plus books from Marie Lu, Victoria Schwab, Sabaa Tahir, Tahereh Mafi, Jodi Meadows, Sara Raasch, and so on.

Either way they’re just fun to have.

Do you have any personalized books? What are your favorites or most prized? If you don’t have any, which author would you adore to have sign and personalize your books? 

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


4 thoughts on “Personalized Books

  1. AHHHH you’re so lucky to get your books signed! I honestly have none of my books either personalized or signed. >.< Hopefully some of my favorite authors will tour here soon so I can finally meet them and get at least one of my books signed at last. Sigh.

    Cool post, Cat!


  2. YAY I LOVE THIS POST, CAT! ❤ I absolutely ADORE getting books signed. It's always fun collecting signed books, but I think the experience is what makes it even more special. I was an extremely awkward potato when I met them, but it was still really amazing meeting Sooz, Erin Bowman, Renee Ahdieh, Sabaa Tahir, and Jennifer Niven, and it's such a nice memento to have their signed books to remind me of the experiences. I also have signed books from Alexandra Bracken, Heidi Heilig, Kiera Cass, and VE Schwab, and I'm very happy about it, but I'm also sad because I didn't actually get to share an experience with them, you know? I really hope that I get to meet some more authors and get signed books from them though! Like I really want to meet/have signed books from Roshani Chokshi, Renee Ahdieh (again), VE Schwab, Evelyn Skye, Jodi Meadows, and Rainbow Rowell, just to name a few

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  3. I loved reading this post. I have personalized/signed of all the VE SCHWAB books excluding near witch, Truthwitch, passenger, TDM trilogy plus short story book thing and I have a few other personalized but other wise…I really want to get a personalized SJM book. She always writes such sweet thoughtful things and plus, she’s my favorite author!


  4. I have a little shelf of signed/personalized books, which has grown a lot in the last year thanks to some awesome giveaways I’ve won + I’ve gone to more author events in the last couple years. Most of mine are personalized, but a few are just signed. My most treasured ones are all personalized: Something Strange and Deadly, Hidden Huntress by Danielle Jensen, who wrote such an amazing note about world-building and a couple books signed by Lawrence Hill. Instead of writing the usual “all the best” Lawrence wrote “for the love of literature”. My mom is super friendly and started talking to Lawrence about how I love to read etc. so it’s amazing he thought of that instantly.

    Now I just want to share all my favourite personalized/signed books with the world!


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