Picking A Next Read

This should not be as hard as it is, but it is.

On a good day, when I can read books like I want to, which is generally never, picking a next read is easy.

It goes like this:

  1. I finish my currently read.
  2. I look at my bookshelf.
  3. I see a book of interest that I have not yet read.
  4. I say “hey this looks interesting, why not?”
  5. Next read: ACQUIRED!

BUT, sadly things do not always go this away.

I am a HUGE fantasy fan. Love, love, love, love it, read it all the time, it’s my favorite. I’m not really picky at all, to be honest, it’s just got to be fantasy.

Nevertheless, in my world, there is such thing as too much fantasy.

If I’ve been reading fantasy for about a month (a good month in which I read more than one or two books) it can get really old really fast.

That’s when I need to turn around (bright eyes) and find another genre.

Personally, this can be a little difficult… As most books on my shelf can be considered fantasy.

Luckily, I keep a stash, while it is a small stash, of contemporary books.

I even have a few hardcore sci-fi books (and plan on acquiring more, such as The Abyss Surrounds Us and Beyond the Red).

There are a few other factors that can also go into this.

While I try to read freely, I also have a shit ton of ARCs and sometimes I actually feel obligated to read some of them and post reviews and spam people with pictures of the beautiful book.

So, yes, sometimes ARCs take priority, even though I try to avoid that, it’s good standing to actually read the damn things.

(*I try to avoid that because when reading feels like it’s required it makes it less enjoyable).

Something that’s also fun to do when you’re indecisive about your next read is take a picture of the giant ass pile of books that you WANT to read and post it online for feedback.

Now, if you’re like me, this may not work.

I’ve done this a few times and every time I go against the results because I decide “I just want to read this right now so I’m going to do that.”

The final thing, for me, that goes into making a decision as to what I read next is: Have I borrowed it?

I don’t like libraries, you all know that but sometimes I borrow from friends.

As of the time of me writing this (the first of this month) I borrowed a book from my friend called Wintergirls.

After I finish up The Start Touched Queen and The Crown’s Game (because those come out SOON) I need to get reading that.

The friend who loaned it to me and I don’t see each other much outside of school and I don’t want to be that ass hole who holds her book hostage for the entire summer.

With people like LE and Red, I’ll hold a book hostage for a while because I see the a lot, especially outside of school (Red and I don’t even go to school together) and have a lot of opportunities to give it back to them.

So, this was random wasn’t it? How do you pick your next read? Does anyone have any fun or cool ways too, please share!

Peace and Love,

-Kit Cat


2 thoughts on “Picking A Next Read

  1. I sometimes have the hardest time choosing what book to read. Most of the time I’ll go for a book that I just recently bought (which ends up in me neglecting books I’ve had forever) or that I’ve heard a lot of people talking about. If I have ARCs or library books, I tend to go for those first because they’re time-sensitive (usually – sometimes ARCs aren’t). Other times, I end up staring at my books having no idea what I should read haha


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