Posting + Post Ideas

Much like my last post, this is going to seem unnecessary, random, and obvious. But I’m here to tell you a little secret: I don’t care, it’s my blog, and if you don’t care please leave 😀


Posting is necessary when you run a blog. Well, it’s necessary if you care about stats and followers and so on.

Yes, this is VERY obvious, but I sometimes worry there are airheads like myself out there who don’t know these things yet.

(Remember the time I talked about Thing I Didn’t Get Till I Was A Blogger”?)

You also may have known that recently, VERY recently, I started scheduling blog posts because I was swamped with work (and still am) and felt guilty for not posting more.

I would sometimes come on and see that I hadn’t posted for a week or so.

WordPress also has this little thing that tells you what days you posted on and how much you posted, if anything.

Back before I last month it is VERY spotty for me.

So that’s one thing that’s nice to do, is just posting regularly. I know some people have a problem with inspiration for posts. That was a huge problem for me too. I’d get these huge clusters of post ideas, write them all up and post them on the same day.

I also learned that people really like variety when it comes to the posts one puts up. Whenever I run a poll, while some posts are more popular than others, they always come close to evening out.

So, for ideas and variety:

  • Recently I discovered tags and weekly things. I don’t really do them myself, but they are something to do as a backup or filler.
  • Discussion posts are the ones I’ve found easiest to do. I also found a list from Oh, The Books, a master list of discussion topics which I often go to. They are TRULY a life saver.
  • Reviews-> I personally found this one hard because recently I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to. However, that’s how I got the idea to do the Mini Review series, which is me going back to all the books I read before the blog and reviewing those until I finish a new book.
  • Letters-> sometimes, in my life, I feel really grateful or loving and feel the need to share that, so I’ll write letters, talking about the person or thing, thanking them, saying how amazing they are and so on.
  • WIPS and Writing-> I consider myself a writer of sorts and sometimes will post tidbits about the stories, introduce you all to characters, show you pictures from the story’s designated Pinterest Board, and so on.
  • Updates-> These are relatively rare but can help be a filler. These also generally go up the day of writing them or one may have to add on to them over time. Essentially, you would just give a few overview life updates and some bookish news.
  • Lists!-> these are something else I love to do, is just to list things. My most anticipated reads of 2016 or 2017 or of Fall. My favorite reads in the past [insert amount of time], my go-to authors, favorite world building books, books with the best characters, and so on, just LIST things. This sounds a lot like Top Ten Tuesday, but I can never do ten, it usually goes above or below…
  • Matching-> this is something else that is relatively new and rare for me to do, but I love to make books or their characters to other things. Like, recently I’ve begun matching book characters to Friends characters or going books playlists (which I’m pretty sure was Liran’s idea and she does that a lot too, her music taste is AMAZING!)
  • How-To-Do Posts-> so far, the only one of these I’ve done was a parody on how to be a successful book blogger, but I know some people do these for Instagram photos, I believe Xan did one for bullet journals and  Cait did one for getting blog comments. Basically, if you’re good at something or even if you just know how to do it, post it.

So, hopefully, that helped, somewhat, I’m sure there are more post ideas out there. There are also monthly wrap up and so on, I don’t do those, but they’re great ideas.

Peace and Love and Good Luck,

-Kit Cat

5 thoughts on “Posting + Post Ideas

  1. This was really helpful! I do a couple of weekly things, but I find my blog gets really repetitive if I do them all the time. I love the idea of Mini Reviews. I want to start doing some tv and movie reviews too, as an idea for you if you want it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I used to try and review Game of Thrones, but it was just excessive fangirling. I was thinking about taking it up again, but don’t think I’d be very good at it XD I’m glad it was helpful!!

      Liked by 1 person

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