One day I woke up and thought to myself that making a Pinterest was a good idea. That seems to be how I make most of my decisions, or, at least how I recall it.

Pinterest isn’t all that great but every now and then I get sucked in so deep it’s as though there is no coming back. I’ve fallen into a black hole of photos, photos, more and more and more.

Today, I’d like to talk about this strange abyss which I inhabit every now and then in order to… Get the creative juices flowing, I guess.

I’d also like to talk about this from two points. One of a reader, drowning in the Pinterest Boards of her favorite author. Two as a mediocre writer who very much needs visualization for her world and characters.

Part 1: The Reader.

I’m obsessed with looking through author’s Pinterest Boards. It is the most mind-blowing thing to me, being able to see how authors potentially view their own characters and worlds.

I absolutely drown in them and to be perfectly honest, I become very disappointed when I am not granted a Pinterest Board to stare at with the utmost amazement.

Some of my best examples of this are Sarah J Maas, Sara Raasch, Susan Dennard, Tristina Wright, Tara Sim, Roshani Chokshi…. So many I am in love with.

As a reader, it is AMAZING to have some sort of visual to how the author sees their own character.

I cannot tell you all how many times I have imagined characters one way only to hear, see, what-have-you, the author’s description of a character and realize that the two do not match up.

It isn’t heart breaking, just a bit of a shock.

Not to mention after a certain point characters are branded in my head one way and they’re going to stay that way for the rest of the book.

For example, I saw the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie WAY before I EVER read Percy Jackson and The Olympians.

So, in my head, Grover was always black. Even when they said he was a redhead with freckles and people said “no he’s white” he was always black in my head and the guy who played him in the film was my Grover, always.

Now, it isn’t as though it’s a crime to imagine characters a different way. That’s the beauty of books is that, while someone else created it, it now exists in your head and you’re free to visualize and imagine it as you please.

Personally, it just throws me off. I like knowing what the author thinks and how they visualize.

Makes the book more real for me.


Now for the mediocre writer.

I cannot write but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Of course, trying is difficult when your life is as chaotic and procrastinate-y as my own.

However, it still is something I take GREAT pleasure in. Also, it’s something I do so I can focus on things that don’t revolve around the small people in my head who never shut up 😀

*eye twitches*

Recently, I’ve learned two things about myself. 1. I must understand why. Maybe this is why I don’t like math because I don’t get the ‘why’ but I like having why. 2. I’m a hugely visual person.

(Number 1 had to do with nothing, but it’s there).

While I nearly always have a type of physical appearance for my world and characters, it is a very vague, ambiguous form.

Let’s see, my world is very… Unproportionate. If I drew it on a piece of paper… Well, I wouldn’t be able to, not just because I have ZERO artistic ability, but because it doesn’t make sense.

Lengths to places and the times I have characters getting them don’t make sense, geographic regions change and do not correlate, it is basically a mess.

My characters are generally the same way. Most of the time the character gets a race and maybe an eye color.

Imagine a giant glob of ambiguity and you essentially have most of my characters.

This is where Pinterest comes in. I search some CRAZY specific things in there, people from different regions of the world, different races and look at them until I see someone who clicks with my characters and I save them going “YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE!”

Now, that isn’t always the case, I do, sometimes, know more detail. But it is a truly rare occasion.

So, Pinterest can be VERY helpful in that regard.

Yes, it is a little bit difficult to find people of color but with some strangely specific searches, I can find what I’m looking for.

Then I make a Board and browse the options below the images I’ve already found and find more images, and between that and my actual writing my world becomes more than the screaming blobs in my head.

Of course, sometimes turning them from blobs into things is a shitty thing. That’s why a can’t talk about generation one to two.

Oh well, it starts off at generation four anyways.


So, this is how I see Pinterest, from a reader and “writer” perspective.

Do you use Pinterest? What for? 

Peace and love, dorks.

-Kit Cat


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