The Hunger Games MiniReview

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, #2)Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, #3)

When I first heard of this series, I refused to read it, purely because of the hype. It was cool to be a rebel in middle school, so I gave it a go and held out against the books for as long as I possibly could.

My entire family read/listened to it, my friends had, I even had a friend threatening to stand outside my window and read it live to me.

Finally, I gave in and read it and like I usually do, I loved it.

I can’t really say how I felt about being in Katniss’s head for most of the time. She herself wasn’t the most interesting person, just someone trying to survive, it was just her situation that was unfortunate.

Which is the case for most people but when looking at most YA characters they’ll have their little quirks and stuff, but Katniss’s were small and cliche. She was friends with Gale and loved her little sister.
Disney-ish thing going on with the parents. It was the way it was.

Honestly, most of what kept me going with these books, why I liked it, was the situation. The problems the conflict. Of course, we know about the Hunger Games, but it just got to me.

I mean, for 74 people had their children taken away and they were forced to kill each other and never did anyone intervene, no outside forces (we’re never made aware of any outside forces) and no one tries to fight it (or if they do, no one knows or cares).

The whole books is just death and survival, thinking back on it, it feels a bit like Apocolypse Now, in a way that, the character’s aren’t the specialest snowflakes but the situation is so surreal one wouldn’t really know how to take it.

That isn’t to say I didn’t like or feel for the characters. I did. Thanks to my oldest sister, I kind of felt like Prim (hopefully my fate isn’t too similar). I also felt an odd connection to Cinna, Haymitch, and Joanna (whatever that says about me).

I honestly spent the entire trilogy feeling awful for Katniss too.

Like I said, she wasn’t an extra special snowflake. She has two goals, her survival and her sister’s.

Of course she knows the games are wrong and thinks they shouldn’t happen but if it weren’t for those around her or her situation, I think she’d have gone right back to District 12, lived her life happily overseeing Prim, never married, never getting kids.

She was basically forced into role of the Mockingjay, forced into the war, forced into loving someone (because neither Peeta nor Gale would let her go or give her a break).

This also brings me into the romance. I never saw any.

When reading I generally have this second hand feeling of chemistry between two romantic couples (is that a natural thing?) and this was nonexistant for me.

I will stand my ground in my belief that Katniss never loved either boy. I think she cared about them to an extent but I think the only person she ever loved was Prim.

Either way, the situation was just so… GAH it killed me.

By the end of the trilogy I completely got Katniss’s whiny mentality. Forced to kill twice, forced to be a symbol of a revolution, forced to love someone, then having everything ripped away from her all at once.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the ending of the story. I don’t like that she ended up with Peeta. That’s really all I didn’t like though.

To be honest, I kind of wish she’d died. I feel like that would’ve adiquitely ended the suffering she constantly felt.

But that is just me being morbid.

Honestly, they are good books, they have a lot fo action to keep them moving and it’s intense and thrilling, but when you’re like me and you think a lot, the situation is just depressing.

All of it. Everything I just said and more.

I also feel like The Hunger Games was the prime of the Dystopians. I’ve read a few and of the ones I read (as sick and odd as this will sound) it made the most sense and was the best written.

Overall 3.5 stars.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat



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