Blogger’s Block

Is the worst. I am currently suffering from a mix of Blogger’s Block, Writer’s Block, migraines, and stomach pains.

Fun, right?

Not too long ago I posted about Posts and Post Ideas, so if you’re running dry on topics, maybe that’ll help get the creative juices flowing.

However, I am currently facing two problems. 1. Is that, while I have a list of ideas, my list is quickly shrinking and I’m struggling to find some new and original material to store away for when the rest is gone. 2. No inspiration . I see the list of words in front of me and am struggling to figure out HOW to take that topic and make it unique and fun and something a blog reader might want to read.

Trying to make things fun and unique and readable is very hard when my brain can’t break out of its box.

I mean really, I practically repeated that last sentence. My brain is repetitive and gross and weird and always recycling words and thoughts and older ideas.

Now, I’m sure, if I searched some other blogs I’d find PLENTY of posts about how to get inspiration, but here’s my deal-o, is that I think inspiration comes from within me and I just have to work a LITTLE harder to rip it out of my cold, hollow, barren, grey mind.

Me reading 900+ blog posts about how to get information might trigger something but probably not what I need.

A lot of times, what I really need is a thesaurus.

Similar to my repetitive mind, I also have a forgetful mind and a contradictory one. When I write, I say something, then I have to bring up the opposing side if I think there is one and sometimes…

Blogging block sucks and it sucks worse when I’m stressed and swamped with work.

Now it’s DOUBLE TROUBLE. Not only am I running out of ideas and have no inspiration BUT I have less than a week until AP exams, followed by a MONTH of tests.

I, personally, do not really have advice for anyone if they have blogger’s block. Only a few suggestions.

  • Stop blogging for a bit.
    • Maybe the reason no new ideas are coming is because you’re tired of blogging and need a nice long break.
  • Search around for inspiration.
    • You can find this anywhere, really. I know some people looked through other’s posts, which is fine as long as you don’t copyright them. (Cait and Evie did posts about copyrighting if you need reference as to what’s okay and what’s not).
  • Look over old posts.
    • Maybe you’ll think of something related to that idea but different. Maybe do a part two, with things you didn’t think to write before.
  • Scroll through twitter or Tumblr or one of those.
    • Sometimes people are talking about things and those things make you think and inspire a post. Or at the least they give you the shove to post.

That’s really all I’ve got for you. The rest of the ideas are in the Posting Ideas post and that’s for if one has the inspiration to do it.

Otherwise, if you have blogger’s block, GODSPEED.

I hope it goes away soon.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


One thought on “Blogger’s Block

  1. I feel your struggle, I went through the exact same thing about a month ago, took the month off, and now I’m back. The only problem is that now that I want to blog again, I have AP tests and finals 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to fit it all in, and I wish you the best of luck, may your blogger’s block be gone!


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