Blogger Brain vs. Reader Brain

There is a difference or at least I 1. want there to be and 2. kind of need there to be.

Reader Brain, for me, is just that. I read. I enjoy. What a pleasant ride. What a joyful occasion. How lovely that book was. *Casually moves on with my life*.

Okay, that’s a life, I usually stalk the Tumblr tag for that book for hours or dig through the interweb for fan art.

Then there is blogger brain.

The one that yells “THINK CRITICALLY YOU MORON” and makes me scream and cry.

Okay, it isn’t actually THAT bad. I scream and cry on a regular basis anyways, who’d be able to tell the difference.

However, blogger brain does tell me to pick out more errors. Read to review and try to promote or sell. Read to give my opinion and put it out there. Read and make sure to read thoroughly lest I forget an important part that I wanted to bring up in my review.

Make sure I review on all forums possible.

Basically, my blogging brain is more chaotic than my reader brain.

Blogger Brain is like school brain, only I remember things better, you know?

Reader brain is like casual setting. I don’t really need to remember anything, I don’t need to think too much. It’s just fun.

Do to my divide book brain I also divide up people that way.

There are three groups: Reader, Bloggers, and authors. Sometimes I change “bloggers” to “Reviewers” or “promoters” because of booktube and stuff, but I don’t watch booktube. At all.

Also Editors or those publishing people. I discount them usually, I’ve just never interacted with them.

The divide is pretty simple, to me. The Bloggers are the people with blogs who discuss bloggy-proffestional things and the readers are the low-key high-key chill fanpeople who are AMAZING to fangirl with.

Most of the people I put in the mental “Reader” catogory do review though, on GR and stuff.

But, that’s just my own brain’s divisions and modes.

Do you have a way you divi up people?

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


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