Grey Character

Personally, these characters are my favorite kind of characters. The problematic sinnamon rolls who have more humanistic qualities than other cliche book characters?

They aren’t the villains but they aren’t the good guys. One would want to root for them but at the same time, it’s a little iffy if one should or if they’re even the hero of this story.

Some stories and characters that come to mind when thinking of “Grey” characters:

  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone
  • Vicious
    • I’ve never actually read it, but I’ve certainly heard it’s this way.
  • Mara Dyer
    • the character
  • Red Queen
  • The Young Elites
    • I haven’t read the second book, yet.

But these are who pop in my mind when I think of grey characters. Although, I realize Adelina is considered more a villian, I just always saw her a grey for whatever reason.

But there is just something very alluring about characters which boreline between villain and hero.

Honestly, it’s a hard feeling to describe, but just the general mixing of the two, usually clear identities really makes me happy.

I also feel like it serves to make the characters more human, if you know what I mean. Humans definitely aren’t more perfect and I feel like it is a lot simpler to connect with a character when they have more human imperfections.

When they’re imperfections aren’t just a few physical flaws.

Humans can have imperfections inside and out. The mind is a complex intrument and I’d love to see it played with more. Instead of having this clear line of good and evil, mix it up a bit.

How do you feel about “grey” character? Do you have a favorite?

Let me know in the comments.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


One thought on “Grey Character

  1. I love “grey” characters! I don’t want to read about Perfect People because 1. they don’t exist and 2. they are usually No Fun. I like when characters are flawed! I agree with your list, especially about Vicious. There are LOTS OF GREY CHARACTERS IN IT. LOTS. Everyone is grey basically. Love this post!


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