Commenting on Blogs

NO AP TESTS TODAY YYYAAAYYYY!!! There weren’t any yesterday either so my theme was based around FANTASY and I guess today’s is FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF which I don’t right now thanks to those damn exams *sobs*.

One thing that feels amazing is commenting on blogs. I really should do it more than I actually do because there are so many amazing blogs with such amazing content and WOW they deserve all the love.

Similarly, I need to start replying to comments because I am AWFUL at that (and am very sorry to anyone who has ever commented on my blog and not received a response I love you very much and appreciate you for taking the time to actually comment)!

Here’s the thing… I don’t know much about blog commenting other than it’s really awesome when people actually comment on your blog and apparently it is something people strive for.

And I kind of get it.

It must be nice hearing what people think, they’re thoughts and opinions on what you wrote or maybe just them saying “this is awesome!” and boosting your ego.

Or sometimes they try to argue with you and it sucks and you* cry.

*by “you” I mean “me”!

It’s also fun to start discussions which is why I try to have so many discussion posts. I want to hear your thoughts and feeling about whatever random fucking topic I chose off my list.

Comments are also a really nice way to ensure that people have read your blog post (usually) because they’ll give specific content that was in the post in the comment and talk about their feelings on it.

Then there’s this feeling of “holy shit you took the time to read and think of a nice reply and talk to me about this shitty content I wrote WOW YOU FUCKING ANGEL LET ME LOVE YOU” and I tackle you, you freak out, and I apologize…

Basically, I should comment more.

I mean, I have a list of blogs. Over the summer, I’m thinking about giving myself a goal of commenting on at least four blogs once a week or something.

It just is a nice feeling knowing people have read your post and have thoughts and opinions to share. Basically, it’s nice knowing you made someone think about something.

So, commenting on blogs? Share thoughts in the comments?

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


One thought on “Commenting on Blogs

  1. I like commenting on blogs and seeing a comment notification literally makes my day. Agreed with everything you said


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