“Best” Parts of U.S. History?

Today I have my AP U.S. History exam and, since I chose to do themes for my tests, I need TWO for US History. I have an AP exam and our state test.

Well…. This is a toughy you see. What do I do? I’m not that big on US History. Not too long ago I was talking to my friend about it when I realized just how awful and how little I know about US history.

That was also the moment I realized I would not be doing well on the exam.

At first, I thought “I’ll do my favorite historical fantasies!” Until I realized I was already doing that.

So, now I must try something else.

For this, I shall talk about my favorite parts of US History!

Which will be hard because there are virtually none.

  1. That time when Natives were the only people here.
    1. This isn’t really taught in US History, but I’m very interested in the part before all of the Europeans come over and colonize 🙂
    2. Basically goes downhill from there….
  2. Midnight judges
    1. Adam’s last attempt to make sure a Federalist was high in a position of great power in the government so he put in a whole bunch of judges.
    2. Great idea on his part because John Marshall was basically forever while all the other powerful Federalists (*cough* Hamilton *cough*) died.
  3. Battle of New Orleans
    1. I adore this because the US soldiers all worked together
    2. It was irrelevant. The war had already been resolved. They declared there were no winners. They fought in New Orleans for nothing. It was GREAT.
  4. Manifest Destiny
    1. As much as I hate it, I also love it. It just sounds so adventurous and mysterious. It isn’t anymore, you go out west there’s corn and California, we know that now. Back then it was a wonder.
    2. Even though a lot of people died and Natives were ONCE AGAIN forced to move.
    3. Remember that one family who went off the path and got caught in the snow storm and the dad basically ate everyone, they didn’t even find the new born baby YIKES.
      1. Sounds like Game of Thrones.
  5. 1920-1941
    1. Okay so this is when women were entering the work force and flappers and jazz and the Harlem renaissance, so basically it was just a time of making white men very uncomfortable.
  6. When Lobotomies stopped being as big
    1. So there was a time in our history in which everyone was being lobotomized (put an ice pick between the eyelid and eye and hit it with a hammer, wiggle it around a little bit, you can find videos online).
    2. Basically, you had a mental issue: lobotomy. Kid has ADHD? Lobotomy. House wise isn’t happy being a house wife? Lobotomy!
    3. They’re still done, just A LOT less.
  7. Al Capone being arrested
    1. For tax evasion
  8. Every Amendment that has ever given people the rights they deserved in the first place.
    1. Looking at you Jefferson.
  9. All the presidential elections of the Gilded Age
    1. No one knows or remembers them IT’S GREAT!

Yes, so from my list you may have been able to tell it was THE STRUGGLE to find things that actually didn’t bore me in US history. There are other things. Like I’m interested in most of the wars we fought. However, I tried to find something else.

Is there any part of US History you all enjoy?


Thought not.

Peace and love,

-Kit Cat


One thought on ““Best” Parts of U.S. History?

  1. As a New Zealander, I find U.S history really interesting. We don’t study it in a lot of depth, because we talk about loads of different countries, but what I do know about I enjoyed learning. You guys have done a lot of dumb things, and I have a bit of a morbid curiosity about it all


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