Book Events

Hello, again friends.

Hope your week is going well!

So, this also goes back to my lovely hiatus.

Book Events. I’ve done four, three while I was on blogging hiatus, two on Twitter hiatus.

These events included:

  • A Jodi Meadows and Julie Eshbaugh Event at One More Page books, in NoVa.
  • ALAAC in Orlando
  • BookitCon! Hosted by Nori from ReadWriteLove28 in New Jersey
  • Bookmark in South Carolina.


The One More Page Books event was AMAZING, although they always throw amazing bookish parties. I wish I lived closer.

I got to see Jodi again (I’m her professional “stalker”) and meet Julie Eshbaugh which was AMAZING, I LOVE meeting 2016 debut authors! I’m trying to meet more!

(my mom smile).


ALAAC was AMAZING and hectic. I have a shit ton of pictures of that on my Instagram page, of me meeting Aila, MC, Emily, Brittany, and seeing Lillie, Gee, Alex, and Christina again.

Honestly, it was wild.

But I also got to meet people like Erin Summerill, Tara Sim, and Stephanie Garber.

I also got a HUGE stack of books, which didn’t even compare to the number of books mom got. Mostly, I stayed around the section with YA books and mom went beyond that and found… Everything.

I basically stalked Aila.

PS I’m very sorry about my face. It’s unfortunate.

In August we (mama cat and I) went to BookitCon for its second year.

Nori did an amazing job, but I doubt anyone is actually shocked by that. She is master of all things.

Anyways, I got to see MC, Dee, and Alexandra again.

I stalked Jodi and Julie (since both were there) and I got to meet more awesome authors like Mackenzi Lee and S. Usher Evans.

Twas a blast.


Finally, not too long ago, was the Bookmark Festival in NC.

My sister and I were initially going to see Sarah J. Maas. Sister had just read A Court of Mist and Fury and ADORED it and wanted to meet Maas, so we checked tour stops and planned a road trip.

I later on figured out ROSHANI FREAKING CHOKSHI was going to be there and no one can actually prove that I lost it, that may have happened.

Anyways, I got to see Roshani Chokshi, Renee Ahdieh, and Sarah J. Maas, and meet EPIC new friends!

By the way, all those authors are like 1000000000 times more gorgeous and awesome in person. It’s terrifying, people should have that much beauty and likability.

All three of them made me cry laughing. Literal tears coming out of eyes.


Anyways, I’m hoping to do more events in the coming academic year.

There’s YALLFest, the DC book festival, I’m hoping for ALAMW, and some author tours.

So, I’ll probably do posts about those. Especially YALLFest, with all those amazing authors and all the people I know, who are going.


-Kit Cat


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