Throne of Glass Family

A bit ago I tweeted about my Throne of Glass family.

When I read, I usually make a family of the characters. They become my children, my parent, my aunt and uncle.

Personally, I’m not one for shipping myself with characters, I don’t fall in love with them like that. If you do, awesome. I’ve managed, like, once, maybe?

While reading Empire of Storms I decided to share this on Twitter and I’ll now share it here.

My Throne of Glass Family 

  • Chaol and Dorian– my sweet sons who love hanging out with each other. They love each other, always side by side. A package deal.
  • Rowan – my angsty, badass son who everyone loves, who can be a dick but also surprisingly sensitive with his brothers.
  • Aelin, my aggressive teenage daughter who constantly loses her temper. I’m at school a lot because of her. Painfully loyal, loves knives.
  • Lysandra has a shit ton of clothes and makeup. She brings home all the stray animals. My house is now full of animals.Send help.
  • Nehemia is my second mom in command. she helps me keeps the others under control and helps them keep their shit together.
  • Fleetfoot is the one animal I actually AGREED to. Technically the family dog, actually Aelin’s dog. She loses him a lot. Chaol always finds him.
  • Arobynn is the creepy next door neighbor who is fascinated with Aelin and oogles at Lysandra. Aelin has a picture of him. She throws darts at it.
  • Nesryn is a shadow. She’d quiet and stays hidden. She has the ability to scare the shit out of everyone. Very sneaky.
  • Aedion is as loud as Nesryn is quiet.  He as a lot of mirrors in his room. Very protective of Aelin. Third wheels with Dorian and Chaol a lot. Shadows Rowan a lot. A big Rowan fan.
  • Sam‘s the fluffy bunny literally everyone loves him and wants to protect him. All the girls love him, but he’s so shy. Which is good because he is my precious son.
  • Ansel is my other hotheaded daughter. She’s patient, though. She’ll wait to explode.
  • Darrow is the hermit uncle who I invite to family gatherings out of courtisy but don’t want him there because he’s a dick to the kids.
  • Ilias is my forgotten son who just wants to be noticed but usually just stays hidden.
  • Lorcan is the dick older brother, Rowan’s rival. He’s an ass hole to everyone but mostly to Rowan.
  • Kaltain is my bitchy daughter, but she has her reasons. She’s willing to put herself on the line for her family.
  • Manon is the cool one. She’s patient and flawlessly pretty, she only listens to like four people. Scares other by just blinking. Hoards knives.
  • Asterin likes to try and convince the neighborhood kids she’s a witch who dances in the woods, naked, with Satan, and like to eat kids.
  • Sorrel is third mom in command. Sometimes she and Nehemia combine forces to super mom and it’s epic.
  • Ghislaine is always studying, always gathering info. She knows everything about everyone in the house and potentially the neighborhood. It’s kind of concerning.
  • Yrene is the one who takes care of all the cuts and bruises of the other kids. Her siblings do little things to thank her like buy clothing and clean for her.
  • Elide is my sweet resourceful biscuit. All of her siblings adore her.
  • Evangeline is the youngest and the rest of her siblings act as her defense squad, twenty four seven.  Even Lorcan can’t be a dick to her because she is too pour and precious.
  • Sorscha is the other house hold healer but she also heals feels as well as physical wounds. She’s the comforter of the house.

That’s all I have!

Hope you all enjoy!




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