YALLFest 2016 Recap

Last weekend was the amazing YALLFest Event!

This was my fourth year, I started going when I was a freshmen in high shool and have continued going every year since!

YALLFest 2014 was the inspiration for me to get a Twitter which then lead to me getting a blog.

It’s helped me meet some of my favorite authors and some very good friends so it holds a very dear place in my heart.

The Travel

We left Thursday night and arrived Friday morning. There were four of us, shoved into my little car with a majority of our stuff shoved into the back.

We stopped at a hotel on our way down and back because driving that much is exhausting, mom will not let me drive, and neither Danni nor LE can drive a stick.

The Event

A majority of Friday we wondered around Charleston. I bought a pair of wings to make me noticeable to anyone who wanted to say “hi” and got very pissy with my Travel buddies because of schedules and, also, I’d been around them for a very long time at this point.

Later that day, we scoped out where all of our respective signings would be, Danni, LE, and I went to Fierce Friday for signings and Truth or Dare, mom went to see Nicola Yoon and Veronica Roth (on my behalf).

Later that night, LE and I went to the Witchlanders Meet Up, though we didn’t stay long due to us both about to collapse.

Saturday we woke up at 4am so I could scope out the Alex Bracken line, stalked the Epic Reads booth, coordinated where everyone else needed to go, met up with friends, etc.

YALLFest 2016 Book Pile.jpg

The People



(Alex line pictures 100% taken from Lillie)

At this event, I got to see a bunch of AWESOME people, including Lillie, Christina, Danielle, Nic, Roshani, Taylor, and Denia!

It was great saying “hello”, getting hugs and pictures, talking and catching up from the last time we saw one another or talked.

It was especially amazing to see Danielle, I didn’t know she was going and she’s freaking awesome so there’s that!

The Authors


The only new authors I saw where Becky Albertalli, Adam Silvera, and Nic Stone, and let me tell you it was SO FREAKING AMAZING! They made my life 100 times better.

(Slytherpuffs for life!)

Along with them, I saw Susan Dennard again because Sooz is LITERALLY the sweetest person in the world (protect her)! My third year in a row seeing Alexandra Bracken and Leigh Bardugo, which is always fun. I met Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman for the second time. I also got to see V. E. Schwab, though I didn’t realize she’d be at Fierce Friday so I didn’t have her book.

Roshani Chokshi was also wondering around and I had the pleasure of seeing her again. Seriously, if you can meet this lady PLEASE do so.

Of course, the one and only NIC STONE was at Fierce Friday and I got to MEET HER. Yes, you have a right to be jealous! I feel so bad because I was such an awkward potato and I didn’t even have the guts to ask for a photo *bad Cat*!

If only I’d seen her on Saturday.

Hopefully, we’ll meet again!

The Haul

One thing I both hate and love about YALLFest is they started giving away books and ARCs. Part of me always says “ignore it, see authors” the rest says, “ma’am GRAB THE BOOKS”.

I comprise.

Anyways, this year, YALLFest had some KILLER titles that I wanted to try and get. I managed.

Those titles were:

-Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken
-A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi
-The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Along with those titles my family also snagged these for me:

-Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves
-The Adjustment by Suzanne Young
-The Novice by Taran Matharu
-Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer
-When The Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore


I feel genuinely blessed.

The Swag

With YALLFest comes SWAG. I feel like that’s always been a constant.

This year’s Swag Haul INCLUDES:

-A “Flame In The Mist” poster
-A “Flame In The Mist” signed sampler
-A “Flame In The Mist” napkin?
-“Epic Reads” poster (which I got signed by some people)
-Jesper Playing card from Six of Crows
-Windwitch knob thingy
-“A Darker Shade of Magic” series book hugger
-Print for Passenger and Wayfarer
-Windwitch Print
-Wonderwoman: Warbringer snap on bracelet



Hopes of 2017

For year 5 of YALLFest I have some hopes and dreams, as I usually do for YALLFest.

I do hope to see a good bunch of new authors there next year. As much as I love seeing my favorites, like Alex Bracken and Leigh Bardugo, I’d forgotten how much fun it was to see authors I’ve never met before, like Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera.

As much as I love seeing my favorites, like Alex Bracken and Leigh Bardugo, I’d forgotten how much fun it was to see authors I’ve never met before, like Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera. To add to that, I’d also like to see some newer authors attend, some debuts and such. I feel like I never get to meet those new authors who’s books I’m now addicted to and YALLFest could change that (maybe).

I hope to see more panels.

Depending on the author list next year, maybe I’ll just go sit in a bunch of panels. Four years going to YALLFest and I only JUST saw my first panel. It was loads of fun and I’d love to do it more.

Visit the Farmers Market again.

The last two years I’ve gone to YALLFest I’ve been too busy to go visit the Charleston Farmer’s Market. It’s in Marion Square and HUGE with loads of food and drinks and goodies. I’d be nice to revisit it.

Hang out with friends.

My first two years, I had no friends at YALLFest, just family, but that since has changed. I’d love to hang out with them, outside of a signing line or booth. Maybe sit and talk in Marion Square or go get lunch together! Sounds silly, but I’d love to do something like that. (We could still talk books of course).

Grow Larger

As inconvenient as it may become for me, I’d love to see YALLFest grow larger. Maybe add another day on, invite more authors, have more panels, more games, and giveaways.

Maybe that’s just me.


Overall, this year’s YALLFest was one of the best of my life and I hope it only gets better.

See you back in 2017!



3 thoughts on “YALLFest 2016 Recap

  1. Yay! It sounds like you had an awesome time this year. I totally agree about adding another day or two. There are just so many things happening at once and I always have to sacrifice something I want to go to:( It is so much better to have friends and family come with you! Last year was my first year and I was all alone and had no. idea. what was happening. This year was way better.
    I think I saw you a few times! (I’m just awkward so I said nothig.) Were you wearing a “hug dealer” sweatshirt on Saturday??


  2. I’M SO JEALOUUUUS !! Okay no, but seriously I’m mostly happy for you haha! You got to meet some amazing authors and snag some really good books. READ WHEN THE MOON WAS OURS ASAP! Because that book is such a precious and magical thing and I loved it so so much ❤

    I wish there were events like these in my corner of the world but nope haha not in a thousand miles radius.


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