Future of Let The Pages Reign

WOW “Through the Years” is done! That was fun, right? Or no? Who cares because it’s over now and we’re MOVING ON!

I cannot believe we are so close to 2017. It is uncomfortable. My life is moving concerningly fast (or I’m assuming it is because I’m writing this in October).

Since the New Year is upon us, I’d like to talk to you people who actually read my shit about the future of this blog as I have it planned now (and in October when I’m writing this).

Allow me to start here: I’m scared my bloggle will die. It will fade, I won’t have time for it, I’ll lose interest in it, whatever the reason, it’ll die and be lost to the void of the internet.

I was scared that my bloggle would die after a few month, then after a year, then a little after a year. However, I’m almost to my second-year mark and I’m still kicking.

So, allow me to tell you the plans for this blog as I planned them now.

It isn’t going anywhere.

I have thought about abandoning it but then I get stressed without it.

Whether or not people read this blog, I am now attached to it and feel the need to blog, to write anything book related I can.

This school year is relatively laid back and hopefully, college won’t destroy my blog and will to live (wait, no, high school already took that).

Not to mention, I’ve made it years with loving books, and this blog has increased that tenfold and I feel relatively at home here, thinking about books, writing about books, writing books, as stupid as all that may sound to you.

With that, I hope you all like my little mess of a book blog because it isn’t going anywhere.

I love it and hope for it to grow.

I hope you all have a good new year.

Let’s pray 2017 is better than 2016.

-Kit Cat



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