Discussion: Uses for books, other than reading

Books are great, not just for reading, but for a number of things.

Here’s a list of some of those other things.

  • Pretty 
    • color code your shelves. make them pretty.
  • Throne.
    • Establish your dominance.
  • Castle 
    • Begin building your empire.
  • Fort 
    • Defend your realm.
  • Tree 
    • regress them back to their original state.
  • Defend 
    • they’re hard, hit people with them.
  • Hiding 
    • no one can find you if you’re now in India
  • Flat Surface 
    • might be dangerous for the book, use on you have multiples of.
  • Peace treaty 
    • mad at some? give them a copy of your favorite book. they’re still mad? set them on fire.
  • Friendship 
    • stand there holding your favorite book, watch for lingering eyes. they’re either a new friend or a threat.


What do you most use your books for? Let me know below!

5 thoughts on “Discussion: Uses for books, other than reading

  1. I love that list. It’s very much to the point. I once tried to do a tower for book-tube-a-thon, because for some reason I thought I should participate with my shitty camera and all. The challenge was to stack them without support – NEVER AGAIN! They fell and some of my babies got nasty cuts and bruises.


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