2 Year Blogiversary


Yesterday, I was looking through all three of my calendars and I saw that I wrote today down as my Blogiversary and I panicked and then checked my blog and realized, yes, today (or maybe tomorrow) marks two years I’ve been blogging.


That’s two years of my life and that is absolutely mortifying. Two years and I haven’t really learned anything nor do I feel anything but there are more explanations for that than a simple lack of interest in blogging (which isn’t the case, don’t worry?)

Anyways, let’s just do this?

Today (or tomorrow?) is my blogiversary and while I don’t feel like I’ve come very far, I have changed a little.

I can’t brag about all of my great reviews, great posts/discussions, all the new features I’ve started, my rise in stats or followers, all the books publishing sent, all the great friends I’ve made, or anything like that because nothing of the sorts really happened.

Don’t get me wrong, there are posts I’m proud of, I’m immensely grateful for my tiny following, and for the buddies, I’ve made because I have made some.

And this isn’t whining, I promise, just an analysis at my two-year blogging point. 

(I started this blog for a number of reasons, some ok, some awful, but one of them was to just have a forum where I could discuss books and my thoughts, and that’s what it is for me. Not my gateway into publishing or trying to become popular but a place to turn to, to discuss my bookish thoughts and feelings because it’s close to impossible in real life.)

As of right now, I have this blog, which is connect to Bloglovin’ and Tumblr, a Twitter, and an Instagram, all dedicated to books.

As of right now, my stats are:

WordPress: 213 WP Followers, 14 e-mail followers
~10 views per post.

Bloglovin’: 41 Followers

Tumblr: 491 Followers

Instagram: 321 Followers
~30 likes per picture

Twitter: 2,355 Followers
-most of which came from giveaways.

While I do have goals to get more followers, it isn’t an all-consuming need.

I’m happy with this. This is where I am and I’m not ashamed of it, I’m content with it. Not every blogger is going to be a serious success, not every success happens over a night or a year. Not every blog is aiming for success.

It’s just the nature of the person behind it (or in some cases people, but I generally view those blogs as businesses).

As I’ve said, I like my blog, and I’m happy with where it’s at.

I tried to make my blog into a well-oiled machine of consistency and professionalism and that didn’t work, nor was it comfortable, so now it’s just my blog.

I’ve learned a lot from the people I follow on Twitter, I’ve had a great many laughs on my Tumblr (which isn’t /that/ book oriented), and have fun on here.

I am grateful to the friends I’ve made like Aila, Liran, Wesaun, and Alex, as well as some budding friendships I kind of see coming.

I am grateful to the people I look up to, whether they know I look up to them or not, like Brittany, Tristina, Ava, Vee, and Meleika.

I am grateful to authors like Nic Stone and Jodi Meadows for just being so kind, friendly, and over all awesome. 

I am grateful for authors like Susan Dennard, Leigh Bardugo, Heidi Heilig, Roshani Chokshi, and Angie Thomas, for making brilliant and relevant books.

To my mom, I’m grateful, because she’s the one who goes with me to book signings, ALA, YALLFest, and beyond.

To the events and store/friend who’ve given me ARCs to try and prove my worth with, I am thankful for (even though ARCs have nothing to do with anything, I still love some of them).

I am grateful for everyone who speaks up when problems in the community arise, for all of those people willing to tackle those issues head on. For everyone who’s willing to guard and protect the teenagers who are a part of this community.

To everyone who has followed me, on here, on Twitter, on Instagram, thank you. It is nice to know that I’m not just screaming into the void.

To end this post, I had planned, way back when I was planning far ahead, to have a giveaway, but unfortunately, that will not be happening today. I just had two massive giveaways plus I accidently bought I whole bunch of books and now I’m low on money.

Don’t worry, I’ll try to do one later.

Thank you all, and come back later for HOPEFULLY a review and discussion post.


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