Twitter Hiatus


Hey friends, before I do anything else I want to quickly (or as quickly as I can) talk about my Twitter Hiatus because I am taking on (or doing my darndest to take one).

Essentially, my productivity levels got very low, like dangerously low. I’ve been meaning to take a hiatus since before Chicago but because of Chicago and because of the giveaway I wanted to do I avoided taking said Hiatus.

Then, you all know, I got back from Chicago and tried to do the giveaway and wowza it did not go as planned or as smoothly as I wanted it too.

Basically, if I ever do that again, 1. I need to make sure I have about $200 dollars to spare because lord have mercy that cost a lot, even with donations and help. 2. I need to have more time. All and all I think a majority of the books went to a good home but I don’t know how good. Next time this happens, because there will be a next time, I’ll need to put more time into making sure these books go to good home and maybe not just do a twisted version of first come first serve.

Either way, the giveaway drained me of my life.

I was already pretty tired because it is very easy, at least for me, to become addicted to Twitter and have it eat up all my time, energy, and motivation.

But then, adding on all those people who saw the books, ignored everything else and proceeded to ask for them, a number of those people who didn’t even have the qualifications to receive the books.

And then apparently there was at least one person in my mentions who was complaining about how rough it was to be an adult in the YA Community, like okay, cry me a river, I only noticed because there was also a brave soul fighting off the annoying person in my mentions, bless them.

(Side note, I’ve already started talking to people about how this can be done better and am jotting down new ideas). 

Either way, I’m on Twitter Hiatus!

This will hopefully help me focus on my blog, my precious child, which I really need to do.

On top of that, hopefully, I’ll get some of those ALA books read, which if you follow my on Snap Chat (which I don’t promote but if you do, you know) you can see my progression of books.

Also, let me tell you, one of the books I am reading right now? Literally, like the worst book ever and it is so cathartic but I’m dying a little on the inside because I know people are going to buy and read it seriously.

I mean, it’s writing is on par with mine, a girl who rights once every few months to get the voices out and has the vocabulary of a sixth-grader who knows about three SAT words.


Anyways, as always, if you care, there are other ways to contact me if needed, like my e-mail or my DMs. I would suggest my Instagram but the one attached to this blog is one that I’m not on much unless I’m posting on it so I would not recommend trying to contact me there.

Also, because I can be sort of unprofessional, I will periodically add personal updates on here, I don’t know how much but I’ll probably happen while I’m detoxing from Twitter.

Anwho, thank you all for reading and check back later for more book-ish content!


4 thoughts on “Twitter Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear about the twitter and giveaway troubles! I’ve noticed recently too that at times that I mean to work on my blog I’ll find myself browsing twitter instead. I don’t even care for most social media but only made twitter for my blog. -_- It can definitely eat up your time! I hope your twitter detox goes well and you’re able to just relax and read/write what you like. 🙂

    As for the people being dumb about the giveaway, that’s such a shame. 😦 I thought it was cool that you were trying to get the books into the hands of people that could probably really appreciate them or help them in some way. I can tell you being Filipino it’s rare for me to run into a book that represents me, so it’s a really nice thought.

    Also the person complaining about being an adult in the YA community what?? I mean the YA community includes both teens and adults anyway? What would even be difficult about it? Were they whining about not being eligible for one of the books?

    I will say though that when I saw your picture with all the packages I was floored thinking about the shipping costs. Hopefully you can unwind and put all the drama behind you.

    Either way, I’ll keep checking in with the blog and I hope things start looking up for you soon! And good luck with college!!

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    • Haha, yes it was a wild ride! The twitter detox is hard (mostly because I’m currently in the middle of nowhere) but I’m getting there. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!


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