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What’s going on with you guys?

Well, for me, I’ve completely given up on my Twitter hiatus though I am trying to restrict my Twitter time. So far it’s going really badly but I’m giving it a go.

Florida was hell. Weirdly, it’s warmer up north than it was down there but also, down there, there’s literally nothing to do and I love my Floridian friends but Florida is awful and I hate it. Also, I can’t fucking read YA in Florida. Nonfiction is okay, YA isn’t. If I read a YA book in Florida I don’t like it. Therefore, in Florida, I can’t read.

But then we went to Diagon Alley and it was great and we had butterbeer and ate at The Leaky Cauldron and I got a VERY expensive sweater but anyways I’m home now! And working to get back on my game!


Okay, so you’re probably thinking “… Cat that’s nice and everything but…. Your….. Actual……. Blog post?”

Right, moving on.


I have been posting posts like a goodish blogger or more like an okayish blogger for a while nice and people have been commenting and I’ve been seeing it but, plot twist, I am TERRIFIED of comments.

Mentality wise, I fall between that “I will fight you” and the “no discourse PLEASE” end of things. It goes like this: if I have people to back me up and help me, I’m prepared to fight someone, but on my own no. I have a tendency to forget points and things I need to know to help my argument so if I have to fight I prefer going in with a script or with other people to help me and remind me of obvious shit.

What does that have to do with comments?

Well, the brilliant thing about having a blog is that YAY I can share my thoughts but sometimes, and this is actually really rare, assholes will show up and try to fight. My brain is nice enough that it assumes that’s what all comments are.

So, when comments pop up… I hide.

Now, I was sitting on my blog, writing up some new posts when I decided to go back as far as I could and respond to comments and to my surprise, it was nice.

I loved the comments and holy shit, let me just say

Image result for validation gif

So many people saying they like my posts and giving me pats on the back has me wondering why the fuck I was scared in the first place.

Validation aside, commenting is a really important part of blogging in my opinion.

I feel like it proves something. It proves someone read your blog post to some degree and that it moved something in them enough that they left a comment and that is fucking EPIC! Even if they disagree with you, they still felt the need to leave a comment which meant you probably did something right which means

Image result for validation gif


My tips, in regards to comments, are I don’t know, just keep posting and also LEAVE COMMENTS!

Comments are something that people want on their blogs, again, it proves people are interacting with you and your blog which means you’re writing a pretty solid post which is AWESOME!

If you aren’t getting comments, that’s fine that doesn’t make you or your blog less valid.

But a general tip is LEAVE COMMENTS!

If you read a post and you like the post like and comment on it, even if the comment is just “great post!” because at least you’re showing you liked it.

And hey, if you do it often enough they may notice you and check you out, which I realize sounds eerily like the whole “senpai notice me” thing that has become pervy but you know… It’s helpful to everyone involved.

Also, basic shit, if you get a comment RESPOND TO IT! I am sooooo bad at that and really trying to fix it but I feel like it’s a given that not responding, not even liking a comment is kind of shitty.

If you’re one of those blogs with like 3000 followers, okay, maybe I get it, but still at least shoot the comment a like to let people know you’ve seen it and to not seem like a conceded asshole.

Because I know not acknowledging comments makes me feel like a conceded asshole which is just awful.

So, all and all, comment on posts you love, respond to comments you receive.

It’s glorious.

Don’t be scared of comments like me. They’re usually friendly and if not, at least leave a like or put on your armor, pull out those sources and fucking go for it.


That’s all for this weeks post, check back later for more posts and hopefully some reviews!

Let me know what you think below and thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “Dealing With Comments

  1. I always answer to comments on my blog. Until now they were only good ones, no fight and I tried to be more kind as possible.
    Sometimes I don’t have much time to leave comments, but when I’m free, I always go through blogs to read reviews and discussion posts like this one. To gain inspiration for my own reviews and to say that I like their way with words.
    Anyway, great post! 😉
    I am a little afraid of someone coming against me for my reviews, as I’m a newbie (I started in April). So I understand you when on my blog pops up the comment notification. 🙈
    But they aren’t bad! 😂

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  2. I’m a rip-off-the-Band-Aid kind of girl, and add impatient to that… and you get me, checking comments the second they arrive. So far I haven’t received any bad comments (and hopefully I never will). I really love the book blogging community because of how supportive it is, and I don’t think anyone in it (at least that I’ve met) would say anything bad.

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  3. Great discussion post, I think people don’t appreciate enough how nice comments are and never seem to leave them on other blogs. I’m definitely struggle with feeling both excited and apprehensive when I see the little icon showing I have new comments. I usually try to comment back, but I also have anxiety and have a hard time talking to people, so sometimes have no idea what to respond with.

    I’m glad that most of the comments you get are good because you deserve it, you run a good blog. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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