Pet Peeves #2

Discussion Post

I’ve dragged on about how there are virtually no designs for lesser known books or basically books that aren’t Harry Potter or SJM now it’s time to drag on about another topic.

Individualized promotion.

I support, whole heartedly self-promo. Tweet, blog, Instagram, Tumblr, forever about your book, your site, your forum and so on to your followers.

But there is one thing that causes me severe shivers of annoyance and disdain. Individualized self-promo. I don’t know how other people feel about it but my least favorite thing in the world is when I get a tweet or comment saying something along the lines of “read/buy my book”. Directed at me.

Something about someone @-ing me saying “check out my book” just makes me never want to touch it. I know that sounds pretty bad but it bothers me.

If another reader recommends it, if another blogger recs it, even sometimes another author, but if it is the author of the book I cannot do it. Then I just get really annoyed and want to shout “GET OUT OF MY MENTIONS/COMMENTS”.

Honestly, I can’t pinpoint what this is. Maybe it’s just a me thing, I hate individual self-promotion. People have started doing those things where they ask for your blog URL and in exchange, you check out their blog and I CAN’T DO IT! And that’s like the only for of individualized promo I accept is when people ask you to do it and I can’t even do that.

So when it’s unwarranted when someone comes out of the blue and goes “hey maybe check out my book it seems like your thing” I get really annoyed and when reviewers come out of the blue and say “hey check out my platform” and that tweet or comment isn’t attached to something where I asked for it.

Even if sometimes it seems like I’m alluding to it like if I ask for books recs of a certain type, 7 times out of 10 it grinds my gears when an author recs their own book. Especially if it’s just their own book. Thanks, I probably knew about your book, even if I didn’t I usually check the profiles of people who reply to me? So I’ll see you’re a pubbed writer. You don’t need to do this please stop.

I get that people need to put themselves out there but honestly, that puts such a damper on my day.

Because I feel bad that I feel this way but I acknowledge this is how I feel and even if that annoyance comes back to bite me on my ass which I’m convinced it does all the time and that’s why I have awful stats, I still feel this way.

But especially when it’s an author I get so damn annoyed because I have virtually no money. And when I do have money I have to prioritize what books I want to get and what I want to sacrifice and I know I’m not going to prioritize the book promoted to me because I’m annoyed that happened but now I feel like the authors is desperately watching in hopes that I buy their work. Whether or not they are there’s now this pressure to spend money on a book I likely wasn’t interested in in the first place in place of a book I actually really want.

And with platforms, chances are I’ll check it out but will it be the same as if I asked for it? No?

Listen, nine times out of ten, if you interact with me, I’m going to look into you to see what you do, what you’re up to and if you have a book or a forum blatantly displayed on the forum you’ve interacted with me on, I’ll likely give it a look because you’ve already spent time on me, let me see what you do.

I don’t need people popping out of the blue, grabbing me by the shoulders and screaming “LOOK AT ME!”

I think I make it pretty clear when I want people to talk themselves up to me. Otherwise, I don’t need random people I hardly know or talk to promoting themselves to me.

It’s upsetting.

Unless you’re my friend and we DM a bit, dear god, don’t come into my space and tell me to give you a looky because that makes me want to block you.

But again. Maybe that’s just me.


That’s all for now, thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts below.

I’ll be back with more content later on (including more pet peeves, I have a lot) so be sure to check back later!

And, if after reading this you really want me to check you out, you can head over to my Twitter @KainesCat where I have little threads of places people can ask me to check them out instead of doing it randomly and unprecedented.



15 thoughts on “Pet Peeves #2

  1. I agree, I don’t think authors should go onto another person’s blog and tell them to look into the book. If I’m interested, I’ll research it myself. I think too many people see books from a business stand point and not an entertainment stand point. If you want someone to check out your book, make posts that really hook the reader. Give away enough of the story to make them interested, but don’t spill it. If you continue to push people into buying it they’ll see it as a negative thing and authors should want potential readers to see it in a positive light.

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  2. Ugh I know the feeling! Honestly the way that some authors go about it, it sort of feels like the internet equivalent of one of those sales people at those mall kiosks that get in your face as you walk by.

    There was one time that I pinned a tweet, a suggestion thread for fellow book bloggers asking what I should pick up at my next library run and it of course got invaded by an indie author I wasn’t following posting spam and buy links. 😐 It’s frustrating.

    I get where they’re coming from, but the aggressive sales tactics make me really uncomfortable.

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    • Oh yikes, I agree though, that’s sometimes what it feels like and I want to be polite but at the same time like, I’ve got things I’m doing and I don’t have time for all that shit. They make me uncomfortable too, so much.

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  3. Your thoughts are definitely valid πŸ™‚ found your blog through Jamie’s link, BTW, she shares it in her post. Couldn’t not click! Maybe I’ll share it too this week. I’m trying to already not forget πŸ˜€

    I get the thing about authors. Like, I… go further. If an author follows me on Twitter, I will very rarely follow back. Maybe if they blog about books… Maybe. But most authors just sort of have this shitty twitter feed with 50 hashtags like #buy #my #book #now #please, and then they tweet this three times a week! Ugh. Why would ANYONE follow that..? Create content – then I will follow you. So the same goes about “buy my book”, although I gotta say – that has never really happened to me before – maybe because I don’t follow them back? xD

    Blog hops though, are fine. If I’ve tweeted “hey I want to follow more people, give me your links”, the I reply with my link too, and that’s fine, cause I asked for it. Or if I’m replying on someone else’s blog hop. That’s what blog hops are for. However… I hate it when people link-drop too. Like, they’ll visit and update post, and then go “visit my update post too: [link]”, and I’m like >:O come on… I have the courtesy to visit back, if you link drop on me like that, chances are I will not want to visit back… I don’t even know why, but it’s just… Unpleasant.

    Anyway! Great post πŸ™‚

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  4. Yes! I just delete emails from authors asking (nae telling me to read their book) because I read something they think is similar (or they just got hold of my email address somehow). I block tweeters who tell me to read their book. That’s the nice thing about twitter. Great topic, it needed to be said!

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  5. Great to air your peeves. I agree, this sort of aggressive marketing is a real turn off. I also dislike those automated twitter messages you get when you follow someone new; the ones that are fake in their enthusiasm, then ask you to check out their book and like their Facebook.

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