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I’ve never really been a book swag person. Like, yeah, it’s cool, but it doesn’t really do anything for me you know? It clutters up my room, it’s annoying, yadda yadda.

But sometimes, recently actually, swag has been getting AWESOME.

So here is a list of swag items, listed from most awesome to least awesome.

    1. Okay, I know. This is kind of cruel when you think about it because t-shirts are SOOOO expensive to make and distribute but they are literally the coolest possible swag that can be given out.
    2. I have a Heartless T-shirt, a Warcross T-shirt, and a Truthwitch Tshirt and they are without a doubt the coolest things ever.
  2. MAP!
    1. Again, I know these can cost A LOT to make but I swear to you on everything MAPS ARE MY SHIT! I don’t know what it is about having a fictional map blow up to poster size to hang on my wall but I fucking adore it.
    2. If a book has a map preorder incentive you bet your ass I’m going to preorder even if I hate the book.
      1. Now, you’re probably wondering: what about ACOWAR Cat? Well, I actually pre order that and did the incentive when I still thought I’d like it and was willing to put up with it but then I canceled my order because I decided, I’m not going to spend money on that.
        1. They still sent me the map though and I don’t know what to do with it? It’s pretty but I despise SJM?
  3. Posters
    1. Okay, now for just general posters. I LOVE POSTERS omg. They’re so beautiful. I have two Witchlands posters, a Flame In The Mist poster, a The Belles poster, Tales of the Peculiar, Titans, Red Queen, Ivory and Bone, and The Dark Water posters.
    2. They make my room a better place.
  4. Book Huggers
    1. These usually only exist with series and I’ve only seen them for two series but I ADORE THEM! Seriously they are the bee’s knees.
    2. I don’t even use them for my books, again, I hang them on my walls because BEAUTIFUL.
    3. I have one for the Shades of Magic (?) trilogy and The Raven Cycle.
  5. Character Cards.
    2. I general despise things with faces on them and I’ll admit I’ve seen cards that are just YIKES.
    3. But overall? I love them. I want them. They have those like tarot character cards for The Dark Artifacts and then they had some for the Shades of Magic books and I adore them. Series, you put characters on cards, I’ll grab that shit I’ll grab it real good.
      1. I also have a Jesper card from Six of Crows.
  6. General Cards
    1. These aren’t as fun but they’re okay. I think the coolest like general, trading cards I’ve seen are for Sara Raasch’s Snow Like Ashes, she had them for each season and they are EPIC!
    2. Then sometimes people will just have their book covers which is okay or maybe like a quote or symbol which is AWESOME I love those.
  7. Stickers
    1. Stickers aren’t my favorite. I never really know where to put them. For a really long time, I’d put them on my laptop but it goes so quickly that I’m wary of doing so.
    2. But if I don’t put them there then where the heck do I put them? On my walls?
    3. I have Witchland stickers but I was so worried something back would happen to them that I just put tape on the back of them so I could easily remove them from wherever they were.
  8. Temporary Tattoos
    1. Okay, I’ll admit, these are pretty cool. I rarely see them but I like them.
    2. The only problem is I never want to wear them. Because then if I do I won’t have it anymore and that will suck.
    3. And there’s no telling how long it’ll last. A few hours? A few days?
    4. So then I just keep it in a box because I don’t want to wait for it but I don’t want to not have it either?
  9. Buttons.
    1. Again, I never know what to do with buttons.
    2. I won’t put them on clothes because they could damage my clothing.
    3. I won’t put them on bags because they either fall off or for some, reason people will steal them? Maybe just because but if I like the button enough to wear it around I don’t want it stolen. Especially if it was given to me and I didn’t buy it from Hot Topic or somewhere else that sells buttons.
    4. So then they just clutter up my room.
    5. I’ve started putting them on the roof of my car so people have something to look at when I’m driving.
    6. But what if I don’t like it enough for that. Then they just uncomfortably float around my room.
  10. Samplers.
    1. I don’t like samples. They’re small and annoying and I don’t even read them yet I always end up with a whole bunch.
    2. There are some okay ones, like Strange The Dreamer, Language of Thorns, Children of Blood and Bone.
    3. But other samplers? They suck. And they take up room. And what the fuck am I supposed to do with them? I don’t want to throw them away but I REALLY don’t want to keep them.
    1. I HATE BOOKMARKS. I know as a bookworm they should come in handy right? No. I don’t LIKE THEM. THEY BOTHER ME.
    2. For whatever reason, I way prefer to have like one of those bookmarks you can buy in stores or like my English teacher gave me these cute Poe and Kafka bookmarks or my wife made me this drawing in middle school of this little dinosaur family about to die which sounds sad but is REALLY cute… I use those.
    3. I’ve found like… Two bookish swag bookmarks I use? Otherwise, I throw them in a box and they almost never see the light of day.


That’s all for that.

What’s your favorite bookish swag? Let me know in the comments below, thank you for reading and check back later for more content!



2 thoughts on “Bookish Swag

  1. I actually love pins. I don’t wear them because of those same reasons, but I like having them. I am a swag hoarder. I do have some shirts, a few posters and a bunch of bookmarks. I do use my bookmarks, unless they are signed, those are in a box. I don’t despise SJM, I think she is funny, but I can’t make myself care about her books enough to continue either of her series, which sucks cause I also really want her take on Catwoman to be great and I want to love it.

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