Pet Peeves #4

Discussion Post

In the Step Up Fantasy post I talked about how I was going to discuss authors (SFF authors, mostly) who just also needs to step up their game when it comes to the real life mess they bring into their books.

The pet peeve here is authors who write messy stuff into their books and don’t acknowledge it.

There is literally NOTHING more I hate than authors doing something wrong and just ignoring it. Especially when they’re called out, especially when TEEN READERS then voice their concerns. Honestly, I feel like this happens more when teen readers do voice their concerns.

(P.S. a lot of this might seem pretty specific because there are books and authors I’m thinking about here, I’m not going to mention them or their books by name, please don’t ask me to!)

I’ve stated time and time again, I don’t know publishing very well. When it comes down to it though, most people look to the authors. They write the books. They put the books out there, they try to write diverse stories.

Oh, and, when I say authors who do nothing, a majority of the authors I see doing nothing are authors who are well meaning. I’ve seen a number of authors who want to write diversely, who do write diversely, who claim to be advocates of teen readers and all that, fuck up and just? Do nothing? Not respond to the criticism? And it’s legit criticisms and concerns too and they just ignore it. Never addressing it.

Sometimes they’ll allude to the fact that they know the criticism but then they just never address it. Again, these are people who want to try and write more diversely and protect teens and do better by the community they’re writing for!

But someone points out a problem and

Image result for suddenly i can't read

And then they just go on with life pretending that we never raised concerns about their books.

Does anyone else feel how rage-inducing this is? That teens will get hurt, that they VOICE THEIR HURT AND CONCERN and these authors who are all for diversifying to protect and include teens just suddenly? Don’t see the criticism? And you know, at some point, I don’t even care if they know, why aren’t they saying anything?

Because publishing tells you not to? Fuck publishing. I’m tired of publishing shitting on teen readers (if they are, I really don’t know). I’m tired of authors IGNORING VALID CRITICISM.

They’re so willing to just let us scream and shout and say “PLEASE THIS IS HARMFUL” until our throats are raw and we’re left feeling empty because all these authors who tried are no longer interested in trying.

And to make things even worse is when you see them online and they’re like “YAY DIVERSITY” and “I LOVE MY READERS” but do you really love us if you ignore us when we say this hurt or this could be harmful?

I honestly can’t tell y’all how many books I just can’t even look at anymore because the authors just ruined it. They stayed quiet and ruined it.

And you know, I kind of get it. They’re worried they’ll say the wrong thing and dig themselves into a grave or something but? You know what sucks? Just staying quiet.

Hearing them preach and preach and preach diversity and protecting teen readers and then watching them ignore us?

Honestly, there are just times I want to get on Twitter and just yell “FUCK X AUTHOR AND THEIR BOOK BECAUSE THEY CLEARLY DON’T ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT TEEN READERS”.

No apology. No acknowledgment.

These are things I expect from some writers, from some authors but honestly? I think the worst thing is watching authors I really admired and respected be so willingly ignorant and hurtful to their readers.

It hurts so much to invest so much in these authors to see them turn their backs on us.

I guess if they don’t need us then we don’t need them right? I don’t know.

Obviously, I’m not an author, so I don’t know what’s it’s like but I’ve been a reader my whole life and I know what it’s like to be hurt by a book and by an authors silence on a perfectly valid issue.

So, I guess. Thanks authors for showing your real face? For not caring about your readers like you claim to?

That’s it I’m done. Till next time.



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