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You know when you hear about a book and you’re like “Oh, my god, this sounds pretty cool” so you stick it on your TBR and maybe look for news about it every now and then? Look for giveaways and tour dates, preorder incentives, things like that?

And then you hear “IT’S EXPANDING” and you die. I die. Every time. Every time something is like a duology or a trilogy or a stand alone and suddenly it has more books?

I’m okay with novellas, those are completely fine! Short and sweet (not always sweet sometimes hurtful) little stories that almost anyone could read in one sitting.

But when publishers decide to add more books to a series I find myself groaning. Example: when I still liked SJM and they added more to ACOTAR and TOG? That was so annoying! Stop it! I want out of those worlds and away from those characters. At that point I wanted her to point out something fresh. ACOTAR wasn’t fresh. The world and concept and characters felt WAY too similar to TOG.

Then Three Dark Crowns apparently was supposed to be a duology, now there’s? Four books?

I thought that Frostblood book was supposed to only be a duology but now it has a third?

Red Queen added a fourth book.

I thought The Diabolic was a stand alone but suddenly it has a sequel?

And as much as I want to read more Shadowhunter books every time Clare announces, EVEN MORE, I die a little inside. I loved that world, I might still like it, but enough is enough. I just want someone to say “YOU NEED TO STOP WRITING SHADOWHUNTER BOOKS” after whatever was announced the latest was, whether it be another series (as far as I know The Wicked Powers is it) or another novella thing, like, that’s it. No more.

A lot of these books I haven’t even read but shit friends, I just get so tired when authors or publishers are like “Let’s add more!”. No. That’s too much.

And I can kind of get it, some stories take more time to tell but some of the stories listed above will drag on and never actually do anything or end up with completely unnecessary filler books that everyone could have lived without having to read.

I’m still not over City of Fallen Angels. I didn’t need that book. Am I kind of glad I got City of Heavenly Fire yes, but it’s 99% because of Jem. (It’s more than that, I adore Jem).

Anyways, it just seems like such a hassle for me personally. Once I pick up a book if I even moderately enjoy it I feel like I should pick up the sequel. I really don’t like starting something only for them to add more on. From that point on it feels like a chore for me to read. Like they’re only adding more books because they know a few people are invested and want to capitalize on it by sacrificing a potentially amazing story in the process.

I swear, when they add on books we get so many out of character moments and these weird, usually boring plots added on or the original one complicated in the messiest way possible and it’s suddenly full of plot holes.

Again, sometimes I get it. I’m reading a book and I’m like “X amount of books doesn’t seem long enough to carry on this plotline?” or something so when it’s announced there will be more it’s a “HURRAY!” moment.

But I swear, most of the times it feels like (and probably is but I know nothing about publishing) a marketing ploy to get more people to buy more books or like the authors attempt to hold on to something that really should just be let go.

Really, I can only think of one instance where I was excited that I heard there were going to be more books and that’s because I felt and still feel completely sound in that author’s capabilities and that they know their world and writing and characters well enough to not sacrifice them for the sake of more story.

Anyways, those are my thoughts on adding books on to series. Do you all have any? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading and check back later for more content!



3 thoughts on “Adding More Books

  1. Hahaha I suppose some authors get convinced to write sequels when the previous books in the series make a lot of money – I could understand that (like a movie franchise). I’d probably do that too until I was successful enough that I could write whatever I wanted. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them were actually hoping to write more books in that world or series – but wrote their first one as a standalone just in case it flopped. I’ve written a book that is a standalone (for marketing purposes) but could also be expanded into a series if it becomes popular enough – I’ve actually got two sequels lined up. A lot of readers (and authors) enjoy reading and exploring one world – like Harry potter. Everyone wants more Harry Potter books because they LOVE that world – even though it’s very clearly over hahaha

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  2. I think sometimes less is more. I think sometimes authors can add too many extra books and then the imagination of the reader is crashed because sometimes it’s not how they thought it would end.

    However, I still try to read the next book anyway just to give it a chance and if I didn’t like it then I can still just picture it in the way I wanted to even if it does become slightly tweaked.

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