New Books, Same World

Discussion Post

Similar to last time, I wanted to talk about having books that take place in the same world but are technically different stories.

I have severely mixed feelings about this.

I love worlds, I love world building and how rich and expansive it can be. That feeling of reading a new and thought out world that is phenomenal, so when authors offer more in that world with new characters I’m sometimes all for it. It gives me a chance to further experience that world and this time through the eyes of a new and unique person!

But then again, it can get real tiring, real fast. Again, I’m just going to rag on CC, please know I don’t really hate her, I’m secretly a sucker for her books, I still buy them, I still plan on reading Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows and I still get pissed when I see spoilers unless they’re good things about my son, Jem Carstairs.

So, like with CC, I love the Shadowhunter world but as I said in the last post, enough is enough. I love my babies, I love seeing them grow but that world gets really repetitive really fast.

Same with SJM (though trust me, I’m not comparing them). I mean seriously her stuff is the same thing over and over and over and over and honestly if I still read her stuff I don’t think I’d pick up any new series of hers because it’d follow the same formula.

Also with CC I can dress in black and draw runes on me and pretend to be a strong, empowered shadowhunter where with SJM, what should I put on a pretty dress and be white feminist as hell, pretending to be empowered while I wait for plain ole Jon Doe to come get me?

That was off topic but I’m not removing it.

Point is, new worlds are fun. Like Shadow and Bone and Grisha. I loved that I didn’t need one for the other but I could read both, they had similar aspects but they were uniquely different views of the world, new places, totally new stories! That was AMAZING!

And I love surprise visits from characters from the other series, especially when they don’t take center stage! That’s also why I like Rick Riordan books, though I’ve slowly stopped reading them.

But sometimes, it just seems… Annoying and like the authors or publishers or whoever can’t move on. Like they had one good idea and now they’ve got to stick with it and soon it becomes way too much to handle.

Like my stint in that world was good while it lasted and now I’d really like to move on to a different one!

Especially when it’s an author I enjoy and they have lots of promise to them and they just keep going back to the same old world. I want to see what else they can create because I know they can do more!

However, again, I really do get it staying in the same world. I have like nine WIPS right now and they all take place in the same world. I have a lot of stories in that world to tell. Not always from different perspectives but kind of.

So, I do get it.

I just don’t like the feel of this becoming a trend. Like suddenly people keep going back to old series and stuff and adding on things that don’t need to be added on. Going back to worlds they’ve left behind or had no intentions of going back to.

There’s a difference between already having lots of stories to tell within one world and just going back to that world because you don’t know what else to do or have no new ideas so you just rely on the same old.

It feels like a waste of talent.

But hey, maybe that’s just me.

Over all, you may have noticed that I have severely conflicting opinions of different worlds but it essentially boils down to what world it is, who’s the author, etc. If I didn’t like the world or author or whatever in the first place I’m not going to want to see more of it. Even if I do like it sometimes I just want it to go away. Like the Shades of Magic series. At least the first two were pretty good and I love the concept of the world but seeing that there’s going to be more? I couldn’t care less and honestly I just want it to go away.

It isn’t even like Six of Crows where I felt a slight interest. I genuinely just want those books and that world to just stay where they are.

Then there are some books that I squeal and fall down and die over when more books are going to be set in that world, like bring it on!

So, it’s mainly preference. The trend itself is a little annoying though. I feel like I’m about to be robbed of a lot of great new stories because authors feel the need to revisit ones they’ve already created as a sort of safety mechanism.

Tha’s all for this post.

What do you think about having new stories in the same world? Let me know in the comments below.

Check back later for more content and thanks for reading!




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