Downfalls to Blocking

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On a side note, before I get to the post, I swear, I gain a little more life every day when I see these lovely banners Aila made for me. Honestly, what a queen.

I know I recently made a post about “How To Do With People You Don’t Like In The Book Community” and one of the things was “fucking block them” probably not phrased that way but today we’re going to talk about why blocking sometimes sucks and why somethings the best option is to go with a pure and simple, unfollow and mute.

Because, as much as I think blocking is fucking awesome (I love to block, block, block, block, block) there are some people or case scenarios one imagines where blocking just… Seems more dangerous than the other options.

Here are the things that get me when I want to block someone but don’t.

  • They Could Complain

I know this because I’ve been this. There are times when I find myself blocked that I’m like “what the fuck why did this person block me?” But then I have to remind myself not to be a hypocrite and just leave whoever the fuck it is alone.

But, every now and then, someone will find out they’re blocked and who they’re blocked by- which really isn’t hard because a lot of people have multiple accounts- and start asking around as to why they’re blocked.

Or they’ll complain about being blocked by that specific person. Or suddenly they’ll be an ass to the person who blocked them because apparently, it’s suddenly okay to do that if someone’s been blocked without being given a reason for it.

This is my biggest fear when I consider blocking certain people. Granted, I don’t think I’m that big of catch or whatever for people to whine about it but I still worry it’ll happen.

Especially since in a lot of those cases those who’ve been blocked aren’t thinking about why they’ve been blocked they’re just thinking “oh shit, I’ve been blocked, woe is me” and not that maybe they did something that made the person uncomfortable, maybe they kept posting content that was triggering that person and to avoid being triggered that person blocked them to protect themselves.

When someone blocks another person it isn’t their job to go to that person and say “hey, I’m blocking you for all of these reasons” especially depending on the relationship status of the two people.

I feel like I’ve seen cases where someone who was once low profile suddenly becomes big and someone else gets butthurt that they’ve been blocked but hey, something could’ve happened forever ago that made them do that and they probably didn’t feel comfortable going forward and saying “hey, could you stop that?” They could have been worried they’d be discarded.

Just some thoughts there.


  • Friends With Friends

Another thing that’ll stop me from blocking a person is if they’re friends with my friends (or as close as I can get to internet friends RIP) or if they’re friends with someone I admire. Because then I worried they’ll talk shit about me to my friend or worse, the person I admire.

With friends, I’m not as worried because they’ll usually see both sides and sometimes will even be able and/or willing to help their buds through an issue.

But with people I admire?

Look, I’m not so conceded as to think people are also checking me out online or thinking and talking about me but I am anxious enough and overanalyze everything and know people to the point that this is a genuine concern in my head.

So even if I were to block someone close to someone else I admire whether or not they’d tell that person is up in the air.

Nevertheless, my nagging brain is always thinking “well, what if they go and talk shit about you to that person and suddenly that person thinks less of you while barely even knowing you”. Which would then destroy my chances of getting to know people and all that jazz.


  • If They’re High Profile

So I kind of already covered this but basically, sometimes, it’s a little more nerve wrecking to block someone who’s of high profile, more so when you actually knew knew them or they knew knew you and then it’s just uncomfortable because if they get mad at you for blocking them or for the reason then they could easily send people after you which defeats the entire purpose of a block.


Okay, so yeah, these are just ways I’ve observed or overthought about happening. I don’t know if other people feel this way but I know I do and I know these are all of the scenarios running through my head when someone bothers me or makes me uncomfortable and I just want to block them.

And usually, in that case, I just go for unfollow or soft block or mute because at least with unfollow and soft block if they confront it, a simple “oh, silly Twitter” or something like that works and then everyone can laugh it off, mute them but refollow, and unfollow in a few weeks again and if they notice and confront, again, it’s just Twitter.

Twitter glitches enough that this works. I know only because I follow myself on some of my accounts (I used to have no followers let me live) and I’ve apparently unfollowed myself? So, that’s not right.

But, yeah. And eventually, if someone confronts about an unfollow or softblock and they don’t keep getting the message maybe they’ll eventually become apathetic and just leave it alone.

Either way, something those are better options than blocking.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts below, and check back later for more content!



2 thoughts on “Downfalls to Blocking

  1. True, people don’t owe you an explanation. I can’t help but wonder though. To be fair I’ve only ever discovered once someone blocked me last month on twitter. I don’t think I’ve ever had an interaction with them before (and I am positive they never followed me) so I don’t know what I did. But whatever. It is their right. 🙂

    Good things to consider when blocking someone.


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